recipes for prana

Welcome to the recipes for prana page. Here you’ll find simple vegan yogi recipes for home cooking.

almond milk

This is the protein-prana-power filled snack that keeps you going on Sivananda Sadhana Intensive from rising at 5, doing some practice, […]

oaty fruit crumble

This is low-hanging fruit: an easy vegan conversion from a traditional British dessert. Use gluten-free oats in a scattered topping and flour […]

chana dhal

This is a go to basic dhal made with split yellow peas, readily available and inexpensive – yet soooo delicious! If […]


Mangiamo! Let’s eat! Eating together round the big table is at the heart of the retreat community here at Viveka Gardens […]

hungry gap soup

Though April and early May can feel like full spring there’s not much harvest yet. Carrots and certain over-wintered brassicas like […]

passion cake

Sometimes it’s nice to do a bit of old fashioned baking. The sweet, warm aromas, the cutting of the cake around […]

shepherdess pie

This hearty, proteinaceous and wholesome dish has good measures of secret ingredients. Sweet, salty and tangy sundried tomatoes and oregano  bring […]

nettle power

Nettles surge up with the full shakti of spring and they are known as a tonic because of all the minerals, […]