2022: a mix of zoom and face to face

New to classes with Fiona?
Please click on the blue button to complete a new student form and arrange a call or zoom session for a pre-class consultation.
This not only gives you a chance to explain your needs, wants and any health conditions, but also helps establish rapport between us.

Viveka Gardens how to get here

Practice classes

Traditional 90-minute hatha yoga class consists of:

  • breathing exercises
  • sun salutation warm up
  • held yoga postures
  • final relaxation

develop a more meditational practice with longer held postures and more challenging variations. For those familiar with the Sivananda sequence, done the Newbies course, or experienced and willing to adapt

£48 for 6 classes to use within two months, £10 drop-in

MONDAYS 7.00 – 8.30 pm online INBETWEENERS moving on from beginners

FRIDAYS 9.30 – 11.00 am online stronger class for the more experienced

THURSDAYS 7.00 – 8.30 pm in real life (see below)

Gentle Yoga for folk with Chronic Conditions

TUESDAYS 7.00 – 8.30 pm online includes a free first class with no obligation
This gentle class is for people with chronic autoimmune conditions, weight issues, long covid or anyone that has a difficult relationship with their body through physical pain, limited movement, or fatigue.

£48 for 6 classes to use within two months, £10 drop-in

Full info here Gentle Yoga

Newbies 5-week course

LOVELY SUMMER EVENING SESSIONS                                                                                                          learn techniques, ease into greater strength and stretch
for those with basic fitness and mobility and/or want to get ready for practice classes

Current course FULL

Next dates

Thurs 9, 17, 23 June, 7, 14 July

Yoga at Six

practice class with vegan souper soup and chat face to face at Viveka Gardens:

Next Block ONLY 9 places book soon

Thurs 28 April, Thurs 5, Fri 13 May, Thurs 19 May, Friday 27 May

Five-week block (£48 for 4, pay for the extra if you can come)

Thurs 9, 17, 23 June, 7, 14 July

90-minute hatha yoga class in real life at Viveka Gardens followed by vegan souper soup and chat.
Join our little Thursday/Friday evening community in the studio at Viveka Gardens Retreat Place for an intermediate level class, hearty soup and good company. .
For people with experience of hatha yoga. We practice a classic sequence with pranayama, sun salutation, asanas and final relaxation.
pay for 4 sessions (£48) and extra two if you can do them (£12 each) – vegan souper soup included

Plus: one-to-ones or small bespoke groups, workshops and day retreats

Some nice comments: testimonials from students, workshop participants and retreatants

Online Nidra workshops

Read a little bit about Fiona, the teacher, and the approach.

Questions? Contact Fiona



       NEW STUDENT        Pre-Class Consultation

  1. complete the form and choose a time for your pre-class consultation via the blue button
  2. have your consultation with Fiona who will send payment info and zoom link
  3. please feel free to arrive to class up to 10 minutes early for a bit of community chat and/or go straight to lying in savasana

TIPS for online

  • ensure your device is fully charged and in airplane mode, or close apps with notification bings
  • set your device in landscape orientation facing the long side of your mat about 2m away
  • get the cooperation of family and pets to leave you undisturbed
  • have your mat, cushion and blanket ready
  • wear leggings or trackies with an elasticated waist
  • warm top and socks to put on for relaxation
  • best not to eat for two hours beforehand; fruit juice is ok
ONE TO ONE SESSIONS If you are just starting yoga, private tuition will give you the best start you can possibly have… and if you are a long term practitioner this approach will give you fresh inspiration and insight into your practice. For older, stiff or recuperating people very gentle exercises bring fresh flexibility and vitality

Terms & Conditions including Covid awareness

Info on 1-1 and small group sessions