Practice classes

Traditional 90-minute hatha yoga class consists of

  • breathing exercises (we’ll build back in the full exercises in late spring when we can have full room ventilation)
  • sun salutation warm up
  • held yoga postures
  • final relaxation

Develop a more meditational practice with longer held postures and more challenging variations. For those familiar with the Sivananda sequence, done the Newbies course, or experienced and willing to adapt

Next half term – book now

£60 for five classes. With vegan souper soup after (finish 9-ish, 1-ish) and chat face to face at Viveka Gardens

MONDAYS 7.00 – 8.30 pm 20 Feb – 20 March

WEDNESDAYS 11 – 12.30pm 22 Feb – 22 March

THURSDAYS 7.00 – 8.30 pm 23 Feb – 23 March

Newbies courses

no newbies courses at the moment but be in touch for one-to-one and bespoke small group sessions if you want to get (re-)started

Gentle Yoga Online for folk with Chronic Conditions

for the online class please arrange a pre-class consultation.
This not only gives you a chance to explain your needs, wants and any health conditions, but also helps you feel at home

TUESDAYS 7.00 – 8.30 pm ONLINE includes a free first class if you are new with no obligation
This gentle class is for people with chronic autoimmune conditions such as RA, fibro, CF, Chrone’s, weight issues, long covid or anyone that has a difficult relationship with their body through physical pain, limited movement, or fatigue. Full info here Gentle Yoga

£48 for 6 classes to use within two months, £10 drop-in




Viveka Gardens how to get here

one-to-one and small group sessions

more info

+ if you are just starting yoga or rusty, private tuition will give you a great boost

+ if you are a long term practitioner you will get fresh inspiration and insight

+ if you are older, stiff or recuperating you will benefit from very gentle exercises at your pace for new flexibility and vitality