Viveka Gardens is a retreat place with yoga exercise, meditation, prayer and food growing.

Hidden in rural Mid Devon VG is away from the world. You can drop and relax with spiritual practice, nature and wholesome home-cooked vegan food. There’s a gentle ‘rule of life’ with morning and evening contemplation, meditation walks, table fellowship and optional tasks in the garden, orchard, woodland and fields. Viveka is a Sanskrit term meaning discernment, or wisdom, or coming to understand the true reality. The retreat place is entirely vegan, and the 8.5 acre land is managed with no animal inputs and to encourage biodiversity.

Fiona trained as a yoga teacher in 2001 in a traditional school and had a long apprenticeship with that organisation while raising a family in London and working in adult education and community food growing. In 2015 her spirituality took on a different dimension and she became confirmed in the Church of England. Her desire, through yoga practices and offering hospitality, is to facilitate space for deep rest (shabbath) and flowing peace (shalom) and so a true, interior understanding of God.

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