some nice comments…

Some nice comments from people who’ve participated in classes, courses, day retreats, residential retreats, one-to-ones and other bespoke sessions.

I have loved my introduction to Gentle yoga with Fiona and feel better in both body and mind after session. Also the food afterwards is so nourishing and wholesome eaten in good company ,Would throughly recommend. J Black Dog

This course (Newbies) has been a fantastic introduction to yoga for me. It also felt very nurturing and fun. Everything is provided including a yummy soup to finish !! I can’t recommend this highly enough. J, Crediton

Sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself to leave the house after a hectic day of work and family chores but once I arrive at Viveka Gardens on a Monday evening I straight away feel relaxed and there’s an instant calming atmosphere when you reach there. I especially enjoy the nidra yoga at the end which gives me a chance to completely swith off and relax both my mind and body. Out of the poses I enjoy working towards the headstand which is both challenging and brings back an element of childhood fun in trying to achieve this move. Everyone there is also so lovely it’s such a welcoming and peaceful place to be. N, Lapford

Count me in for next term’s yoga! And just want to say thank you for providing such a safe space, your yoga wisdom and of course the delicious wholesomeness food this year Fiona E, North Tawton

I have done yoga in the past but never stuck with it for very long. However, I have done yoga with Fiona for more than a year. Each session is a gift to myself. Fiona’s studio is unique. Located in the countryside it is like finding a secret refuge. The studio is a place of safety and tranquility. There is an atmosphere kindness in each group I have experienced. The yoga is special; we are guided by Fiona with explanations and development of our abilities. For me, who has spent so much of my life in my head, it has been an adventure of discovery of my body and it has given a depth to my life. Lastly, Fiona provides soup but it is not soup as you know it, it is hearty and flavourful and it is a delight to share food with new friends. A, South Tawton

Great re-introduction with the Newbies course to yoga after a several decade hiatus. Gentle exercise with a chance to relax and yummy soup after! It has been great realising I can still do it despite the inevitable body and age related changes. G, Hatherleigh

Viveka Gardens is set in the most perfect, peaceful location. The newbies course has helped improve my sleep, reduce anxiety and re-build body strength. I feel relaxed and amongst friends in the class. S, Jacobstowe

Viveka Gardens is a calming and quiet place run by Fiona. I have completed several course including beginners, practice and gentle yoga. In all classes you can go at your own pace suitable to yourself. Fiona has a wealth of knowledge and is very supportive to what you need. The Nidra at end of each lesson enables me to relax deeply and give myself some much needed inner peace. Each lesson is followed by amazing homemade soup and friendly chat with lovely ladies. Highly recommend Fiona and her lovely retreat. M, Bow

I had a lovely stay at Fiona’s for a weekend yoga retreat. I arrived there completely frazzled from my homelife and work and over the course of the weekend gently unwound through yoga nidras, restorative yoga, quiet reflection, growing food with fingers in the soil on a warm sunny day and walks in the beautiful countryside. The retreat completely refreshed me ready to take on new challenges. I particularly loved the combination of food growing, equinox and yoga. A time of harvest, reflection and nourishment. It seemed the perfect blend for a retreat. Not to mention Fiona’s delicious vegan food – especially the dark chocolate dessert! C, Birmingham

Another wonderful (Friday Night Online) nidra with Fiona. I slept solidly for 11 hours afterwards. Unheard of! It’s so easy to let life run away with you but so important to carve out time for yourself. K, Glasgow

Shared a fabulous teachers retreat with Fiona and other teachers this year. Practicing Karma yoga, whilst scything the orchard, listening to the rain fall in a cosy yoga Nidra and sharing inspiration and knowledge with other teachers was a wonderful and heartfelt experience.. Thank you Fiona for holding the space for us! ❤️ J, Bridport

Highly recommended. Fiona is a very gifted yoga practitioner, who has created a space of sanctuary at Viveka Gardens, which enables everyone who attends her sessions to thrive and grow, in every possible way. Her vegan soups (and cream teas ????), with excellent conversation after sessions come also very recommended. You will be made very welcome.
The peace and calm at Viveka is also absolutely apparent. I find if I arrive anxious or stressed that it almost immediately drops away. It is also the place where my body is at its most comfortable (and having suffered years of intractable severe pain which has really limited me life-wise, that is the biggest blessing of all. Comfort in my own body). LM Spreyton Read more…

I’ve been to many yoga classes in the past and given up because they’re too intense. This is gentle and it literally flows – what I thought yoga should be. The sessions always bring peace to my hectic mind. I find it hard to switch off at home and here it literally stops for an hour and a half. So grateful. D, East Leigh

I certainly reconnected with yoga today in class. The nidra was ‘illumerating’ (new word for the post-nidra state!). Nourishing all round for soul and body – delicious soup. A, Poughill

I booked a quiet day at Viveka Gardens so I could prioritise myself and find time for peace and contemplation. Viveka is a special place: so restorative and peaceful. Fiona was warm and compassionate and made me feel so cared for. The yoga was nourishing, and the food was superb. I left feeling rested, loved and restored. I’ll definitely be booking again, and I’m keen to try more yoga nidra – sleepy yoga is my kind of yoga! E, North Tawton

I have just been on another beautiful retreat day at Viveka Gardens. Fiona creates a safe space and guides the day in a sensitive, empowering way. I have come away restored, calm and ready to embrace new things. The food is also absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Fiona. B, Black Dog

I booked on a bespoke Mums and daughters retreat hoping for the opportunity to connect with myself and my daughter and switch gear together. We did this and so much more. Fiona’s thoughtful invitations, leading and amazing hosting made us feel very safe and held. V G is an amazing space full of colour, space and light where we felt encouraged and enabled to be ourselves. A real treat. N, Sandbanks

We had such a lovely few days at Viveka Gardens with Fiona, and I’ve come home feeling refreshed and relaxed. She looked after us extremely well in her airy and calm retreat space. Her yoga teaching style was very tailored to our requests and capabilities, and there was plenty of time for rest and reflection, as well as swimming in a beautiful river spot and walking to take in the views. N, Peckham

After our 2 days and 2 nights of mother-daughter retreat, I felt nurtured and tended to amidst the complexities of ministry and motherhood. I particularly appreciated the language Fiona used to offer daily meditation and yoga practice. The mix of serious yet playful spirituality enabled all of us to gain insights and reflect gently together with humour. Thank you, Fiona, for holding that balance wisely and for allowing us to ‘just be’ ourselves as a group. L, Poole

Viveka Gardens is beautifully peaceful, Fiona does an incredible job of opening her space with gentleness and freedom to just be! There is a real sense of her coming alongside you wherever you are at in life, and I felt very nurtured by two days of yoga – not to mention wonderful vegan food and lots of laughs A, Oxford

Viveka… a calm sanctuary to restore balance, a safe space to feel heard and reconnect to yourself. Fiona has a wealth of knowledge and supported me to deeply relax and give myself some much needed inner focus. Wholesome food, nurturing space. Highly recommend L, Okehampton

A beautiful retreat space in the heart of mid Devon countryside. Inside & the land is peaceful and rejuvenating! I attended the Cooking for your Dosha workshop and loved the food we prepared. Skilful and well paced guidance from Fiona throughout the day with great company. Highly recommended. M, South Molton

I have participated in two online Yoga Nidra evening sessions via Zoom. Fiona creates a calm and caring atmosphere, offering thoughts on a particular theme and providing a caring and accepting space for participants to share their thoughts. We are also encouraged to do whatever we need to be as comfortable as possible. After some gentle yoga postures Fiona guides us through the Nidra, where it is possible to enter a state of deep relaxation as well as a special place between sleeping and being awake. Both times I went to bed soon after completing the Nidra, and I slept deeply and far better than usual. The next day I felt less anxious and my body felt nicely rested without the usual little aches and tensions. The Yoga Nidra is a very special experience mentally and physically, and I thoroughly recommend it. S, Normandy

From the warm informal welcome; through rejuvenating yoga postures; delicious soothing foods; to the time moving in the carefully managed (natural rather than manicured) outdoor spaces Viveka Gardens makes the perfect space for time out for yourself.

If you want or need to spend some time in a peaceful, restorative space which is held with care and wisdom I could not recommend Viveka Gardens more. H, Beer

I wasn’t sure what to expect trying an online yoga workshop but this definitely didn’t disappoint. Fiona is warm and puts you at ease, but it’s also really clear she knows her stuff and was great at containing and holding the space in the group. I’ve been struggling with sleep and the nidra has really changed that. Long may it last. I loved the readings she gave as we went through our yoga poses and found it really helped to reaffirm and guide the intentions and goals I’d started to set for the new year. G, Hatherleigh

I joined Fiona’s Newbies Yoga class as I had had a really difficult year and I just felt I needed to find myself again.  I am so glad: it’s an hour and a half of total time for me.  I have tried yoga several times in the past but always found that I have felt that ‘I can’t do this’.  Fiona’s way of guiding you through each position so easily means that you have done something before you realise you have done it!  And what a sense of achievement that gives you.  After each class the soup and chat is another plus, half an hour of lovely soup and connecting with a lovely group of ladies.  But the most important thing to me is the sense of getting a little bit of me back each time, and also my quality of sleep has improved beyond belief.  I have had very poor quality sleep for a long time now and to have more than 4 hours a night is blissful.  I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking up yoga for the first time or even to refresh themselves after a period away from yoga. I look forward to each lesson immensely. D, East Leigh

I booked a quiet day at Viveka Gardens so I could prioritise myself and find time for peace and contemplation. Viveka is a special place: so restorative and peaceful. Fiona was warm and compassionate and made me feel so cared for. The yoga was nourishing, and the food was superb. I left feeling rested, loved and restored. I’ll definitely be booking again, and I’m keen to try more yoga nidra – sleepy yoga is my kind of yoga! E, North Tawton

I slept ten hours last night. Thanks so much! (Gentle Yoga online with yoga nidra) M, Tiverton

I have been following Fiona’s Gentle Yoga online for over a year. I really prefer online as feel more comfortable in my own home as well as feeling part of a group up on the screen. The movements and pace are right for me and my condition and I always feel more flexible and relaxed afterwards. The nidra is wonderful, Fiona’s voice is just sublime. My cats also love it!! A, Hatherleigh

I would strongly recommend Fiona’s Gentle Yoga class to anyone who has chronic pain or joint problems. Or who is a bit stiff and creaky, and needs to regain that ease and softness of movement that we often lose in middle age. (That’s me!) The pace and feel of the classes is just right – it’s encouraging, and we do try new things- but there’s also a comforting feeling of community. The nidra relaxation at the end is so good, I always sleep very well on Tuesday nights! Because it’s on Zoom I don’t have to go far…just to the spare room, with a pillow, a mat and a cosy blanket. A, Chulmleigh

“The most lovely retreat day with embodiment, but also wonderfully wise words and practices were offered so it was indeed a holistic retreat. I had some insights that have been very helpful so am really grateful for the day.” O, Bath

The quiet day retreat at Viveka was utterly wonderful. I’ve been to yoga retreats and workshops all over the world and I feel so grateful to have found such a special place on my doorstep in Devon. Fiona held space beautifully for the group and we were able to relax into deep practice at the physical and emotional level. It was also wonderful to be fed such beautiful nourishing food. It was a much needed day of repose and rest and I will be back as soon as possible! V, North Tawton

I can highly recommend the Monday night beginners class . I have just completed my second block of lessons and am now progressing to the next level . From never trying yoga to now fully enjoying the benefits both physically and mentally, this class has helped on so many levels . Fiona is an amazing lady and her vegan supper to end the lesson is just the icing on the cake J, Spreyton

Viveka Gardens yoga has helped me find the space I need for myself and relieve the tension in my body in an environment that brings me closer to nature. L, East Leigh

The Newbies course was a revelation to me. I sleep better, relax better, and much stronger physically and in much less pain. I am also finding it easier to make time for myself and my own dreams. Viveka Gardens is a magical serene setting to find peace of mind. A, East Leigh

Viveka Gardens is a very tranquil place where you feel a part of the nature around you. Fiona is a calm, inspiring teacher who encourages you to take part and accomodates those with medical conditions or injuries. If you attend this venue you will not want to go back to classes in halls again as you will be spoilt! A, Whiddon Down

Yoga at Viveka Gardens makes me feel revitalised and able to be more resilient and cope better with anxieties. The setting is beautiful and calming with the birdsong. E, North Tawton

A tranquil setting and not the usual conveyor belt class feel. You’re taught amonst bird song and views of wild flowers. The class itself is calm, no pressure and I feel totally comforable with Fiona as a teacher. And the icing on the cake is the best sleep after every class. I can’t wait to see the gardens change with the seasons. T, Bow

‘Totally recommend this amazing place. It’s an absolutely beautiful spot in the world, the sleep afterwards is special and the food is scrumptious. You literally relax as you drive in x’ B, Black Dog

This was my first restorative yoga and nidra session and it was wonderful. Fiona is a warm, welcoming and attentive teacher with a calming presence. I felt deeply relaxed afterwards and being forced to ‘slow down’ was just what I needed. The Soma Lab (London) space was also the perfect spot to get away from it all, and I’m now looking forward to a proper rural retreat at Viveka Gardens some point soon! S, N16

I attended the restorative yoga practice in Swanley and it was incredibly relaxing and calming. Fiona was an excellent instructor with exactly the right pace, and provided all the necessary equipment. She was able to adapt the practice for all ages and abilities, and it was excellent value for money. The homemade vegan snack at the end was a wonderful touch. Would highly recommend! Charm, Swanley

The restorative yoga session let me feel a deep sense of rest. The process of getting into pose, adding props and blankets allowed my body to feel ‘just right’ and the feeling of being held and supported unlocked a ‘letting go’ both physical and emotional, it even felt like my lungs got bigger and I could breathe more easily. Thank you. 1-1 student

I recently attended an online Yoga Nidra event with Fiona and it was absolutely beautiful. The event itself left me deeply zonked, which is exactly what I needed, I dropped into such a deep relaxation that I went straight to bed afterwards and caught up on some much-needed, very restful deep sleep. It was incredibly restorative. I would highly recommend this to others who are struggling to access good sleep, or who struggle to relax in general. I loved the very gentle yoga section of the evening and the guided Nidra was divine. I am now building this into my daily life as it has proved so beneficial.
All communications with Fiona were extremely clear, well-written and thoughtful.
Highly, highly recommend! Cathy, Tiverton

The yoga (day) retreat was a new venture for me – I was an almost complete newbie at yoga – but I found Fiona a gentle, compassionate teacher, eager to serve, and I felt embraced in the love of the Divine through this day of paying attention to my body and listening to what might arise through the exercises in terms of hearing what God wanted to show me. As it happened it was 36 hours later when real revelation came, but I’m sure that all I received at Viveka Gardens made it easier for me to tune into the Holy Spirit, and I feel really grateful for this time. I will be back!!! TH, Sherbourne

Thank you for a beautiful day ? Full of peace serenity grace and enlightenment. When I experienced the nidra ‘omniscience’, it came to me later when you offered me the chocolate, that I couldn’t eat it because I had tasted the nectar of God. A, Colyton

I had 3 sessions one to one with Fiona at her lovely studio in the peace and quiet of mid Devon. I wanted to go deeper with my current practice and working with Fiona, I certainly did that! She is patient and encouraging and listens to what you need in both your body and heart. My practice at home has definitely stepped up a notch with postures that I thought I couldn’t do. Thanks so much for your insight and guidance. I’d highly recommend some one to one sessions whether you have just started or have been practising for a while. Caroline, Morchard Bishop

Well worth it.As a Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia sufferer I have found Fiona’s weekly Gentle Yoga for people with Chronic Conditions and her monthly Yoga Nidra a Godsend. She is so understanding when I am too tired or in pain to do a movement, and always offers alternative versions of patterns to suit different bodies. I can even just lie down and rest, and the nidra meditation at the end leaves me in a state of relaxation that I do not feel at other times of the week. Thank you Fiona for a chance to join in. Sally, Belstone

Residential Retreats Summer 2021

A wonderful Yoga retreat centre that is run by the awesome Fiona Law. I cherish my time there and will be back for more nourishing food, astounding nature, restorative yoga and comfortable and clean surroundings. All my senses were attended to and I came home refreshed and able to take on all my challenges. I also met some wonderful people that I hope will become friends. C, Exeter

My first experience of a yoga retreat which proved to be what my body and mind were in need of. Fiona led our small group of mixed abilities through various types of yoga, shared some practice in meditation and some gardening which encouraged group participation. The accommodation is comfortable and spacious. Meals are prepared wherever possible with vegetables fresh from the garden and were good. The bedroom and bathroom configuration is shared spaces, which may not suit some, but Fiona is very accommodating and on this occasion provided her own for one guest. This is a retreat from a busy world which I’m sure many could benefit from like myself. Thank you Fiona. A, Torrington

Fiona put together a bespoke mid-week retreat for myself and three friends. We were warmly welcomed into her lovely home. We were very comfortable in the barn bedroom with a lovely shower room and the loft with a roll top bath. Wonderful food, yin and yoga nidra, walks and a fire pit! I’m sure we’ll return in the future. Many thanks. H, Beer

What a joy to meet Fiona and spend time at Viveka Gardens. My spirit, my body and my mind were gently nourished with yoga, meditation, beautiful vegan food and Fiona’s intuitive care of her guests. Bliss. D, Southend


Thank you for a beautiful day ? Full of peace serenity grace and enlightenment. When I experienced the nidra ‘omniscience’, it came to me later when you offered me the chocolate, that I couldn’t eat it because I had tasted the nectar of God. A, Colyton

Midsummer Day Retreat

Fiona created a mind space for open thought. A gentle retreat to settle and ground and find clarity of thought with profound and powerful practice. I’ve enjoyed time away from everything and go home lighter, less burdened and with new goals. PS the food was lovely too! L, Fowey

This was the nourishment my mind, body and spirit was yearning for. Such a calm, peaceful environment. A gentle easy structure; Fiona a calm, knowledgablegrounded teacher/guide/leader. B, Chagford

Coming to Viveka Gardens has been such a blessing. An oasis in the desert – stillness, clam, refreshing, a safe place held so lovingly by Fiona. Gentle guidance enabled a novice like me to be able to participate in the yoga practice. The day has provided me physical and emotional space to process life and my steps into the furture. Delicious lunch and cake! S, Bristol

Perimenopause Retreat June 2021

I was probably quite scared before I came. I didn’t know what to expect and I was confused about the changes that my body (and mind) are going through. It was welcoming and safe space and I instantly felt at ease. The mixture of journaling, yoga, yoga nidra and talking felt just right. I have come away feeling braver, more connected to myself and more accepting of who I am and the changes I am going through. S, Exeter

I found the day really enlightening. It clarified many things that I have worrying about and not fully understood. It’s been an engaging process that opened thoughts I didn’t know I had. I enjoyed the varied structure of the day, which included specific yoga practices to open up our hearts and our minds, a bit of jounaling, a walk in gorgeous countryside and a delicious lunch S, Zeal Monachorum

Thank you for a truly wonderful day: beautiful, magical and a deeply spiritual experience. I was surprised with what came up for me. I will take home so much from the experience. Sharing with other women about our lives thus far, similar symptoms, emotions and feelings in such a safe and held space was very healing. I really enjoyed the process and structure of the day which was very well planned: combining journalling, sharing, yin yoga (which I love) and yoga nidra was perfect. The food was delicious and the meditaion walk was a very moving and heartfelt experience. I will be back for more for sure. R, Oxford

The day created a safe space for me to step out of my deep trauma mindset and into the embodiment of my divine self that until now I considered an unreachable construct. The structure, patience, kindness and love, alongside meditative pracitce, deep soulful release have given me insight and knowledge to embrace who I can truly am and I have begun to reimagine myself. I have away with a feeling of peace, clarity and a clearer outlook. It may be the first step on the ladder but it’s the best. S, Moretonhampstead

I had an amazing sleep last night with some strong dreams. I noticed during the nidra that I felt my heart area becoming warm. Maybe this is fanciful on my part! But I went with it and it felt – for the want of a better word – reassuring. Margaret, Cork

Thank-you so much for last night. It was truly both amazing and beautiful. I was so relaxed, and still am, listening to the birds this morning. It seemed such a deep experience and I slept for hours afterwards. Julie, Okehampton (Friday Night Nidra)

That was super relaxing, thank you. I’ve been running on empty for a while now and my sleep is very bad at the moment  I have no doubt it did me the world of good and I definitely feel rested. You have a lovely way of of teaching nidra. I’m off next week so a lovely way to begin some time to unwind from an extremely stressful period. Much thanks Ruth, Oxford (Friday Night Nidra)

Thanks for last night it was just what I needed (Friday Night Nidra). I’ve been a bit stressed/under the weather and it really helped me relax. I had a great nights sleep, lets hope it continues for a few days. Ruth, North Tawton

Lovely gentle session. As I have chronic pain some of the yin poses challenged me a bit, but Fiona offered alternative versions, which was great when I needed them. I slept so well afterwards, and am still feeling a mellow glow the day afterwards. Thoroughly recommended. ???‍♀️ Liz (yin and nidra workshop)

I was so grateful that Gentle Yoga was available to me at this time in my life. I really needed a Yoga practice that would help me to reconnect with my breath, my body and myself. This course helped me enormously and I found from listening to my body I was able to relax and sleep better. As a result, I became more energised, and my long-lasting exhaustion has lifted and I am glad to feel by body is getting stronger and more flexible too. Thank you to Fiona for this gentle yet effective yoga practice Margaret, Cork

I have found the gentle yoga beneficial for gentle stretching. So many times I have experienced unsympathetic physio which forces me into a flare when I push myself too hard. Then it’s all non-beneficial and unrewarding. Your course has given me confidence to continue with the exercises I have learned adapting as necessary to pain and stiffness. Thank you for being understanding and supportive. Amanda, Exeter  – Gentle Yoga for folk with chronic conditions

As a qualified yoga teacher myself, you might imagine that I might be looking for an advanced class where myself and others could push our limits, do crazy postures, and twist ourselves up like the pretzel shapes that you see on Instagram. As a busy primary school teacher and endometriosis sufferer, however, that is not necessarily the case. Due to my endometriosis, I now have to be really careful not to do too much sometimes, and to be gentle with myself. I managed to do one of the gentle yoga sessions even during a flare up, something which has never been possible before. As someone who loves yoga, I am happy that I can adapt my practise to suit me, and join in with a class, even when I am not feeling great. It’s opened up new possibilities for me. I finish the class feeling relaxed, yet re-energised. Most importantly, I still feel great the next day. Thank you Fiona Cam, Buckfastleigh – Gentle Yoga for folk with chronic conditions

I really enjoyed the online quiet day. I don’t normally like zoom calls but this worked well as we all had time and space to talk or just listen. You structured and led the day really well. This helped me set an intention and develop some goals. I felt supported by the group and also encouraged by others’ honesty and openness. The breakout room idea where I discussed issues and thoughts with another member of the group was brilliant. I think the number of participants was about right, it made it feel more intimate The balance between quiet practice and reflective discussion was good. I liked the physicality of the yoga and then the relaxation of the nidra session. I’ll definitely do some similar days in the future xx Clare, Chulmleigh

Thank you, Fiona, for a very peaceful and heartfelt day.  This is my second workshop with you and  my intention is to book more.  The great sense of serenity and wellness I am experiencing now at the conclusion seems very large and expansive for the relatively short period of time I spent with you and the group.  It has given me exactly what I wanted from it. Elizabeth, Hackney

What can I say, thank you doesn’t seem enough. A fantastic day. My mind has never, I was going to say for the last 2 years, but actually forever felt so rested and calm. I nearly never came, I was feeling very anxious . I’ve tried so many things over the last 2 years and nothing has helped me relax and calm my anxiety like today. Today worked for me because of the way you held the space. I dont know many that can do that and especially online! Sharon, Nailsea

What a wonderful winter solstice retreat! The day felt so relaxing, restorative and insightful. Fiona was a clear, warm and inclusive teacher and I look forward to joining her in future retreats, online, or even better, in person. Mary, Sarratt

I’m loving the Newbies course. Yoga is something that I have never been naturally good at but I really enjoy a good class. It kinda challenges my ego cos I’m usually good at stuff and I avoid things I’m not good at. Yoga is an interesting exception!! Fiona is warm, encouraging and so informative. She checks everyone’s postures on line so you are really working to improve and develop. It feels more like a live class than a zoom class!!!!
Mary, Cork

I recently signed up for the Newbies Yoga class with Fiona. It was an online class and as a complete beginner I was a little apprehensive about starting, but Fiona soon put all of us ‘Newbies” at ease. Each session was relaxed and informative, Fiona talked to us about each of the postures, demonstrating each move before talking us through step by step. We have covered yoga postures and stretches, yogic breathing techniques and more. Fiona is a wonderful teacher, generous with her knowledge and experience and exudes an air calm. I would still class myself as a beginner at yoga but I am looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with Fiona. If you are looking for a yoga teacher, either online or face to face, I urge you to contact Fiona at Viveka Gardens, you won’t regret it. Lisa, South Molton

Thank you again for last evening it was just what I have been looking for and more! I am so grateful to have been able to experience your teaching already. The pace was perfect and even though we were on zoom you created a very safe and nurturing space. I normally find zoom to feel quiet an invasive vehicle by which to communicate. However yoga via zoom was actually wonderful. All of the normal inhibitions I experience in a group exercise class  were non-existent. This I believe is partly because of your attentiveness and care but also because I was able to be in my own home. I am amazed at how much I enjoyed this first session and cannot wait to come back again on Monday. Tracey, Taunton 

I slept wonderfully after the workshop and am doing since!
I found my thoughts really interesting during the class as I am not happy at work at the present and I don’t know quite how to deal with it and I felt this was a huge conundrum. Usually when trying to meditate keeping negative thoughts out is difficult but on Saturday only pleasant positive thoughts came into my head. I think that was the answer to my conundrum – step back from work some what and concentrate and focus on the positive things outside of work. I just need to practice it now!! I have put the next Friday Night Nidra in my diary. Susan, Bromley after Yin & Nidra Workshop

online class reviews

“I’m not a very techy person so Fiona’s suggestion of yoga via Zoom online made me wonder if I could deal with the tech set-up…but it was so easy, couldn’t believe it when, after following a handful of links, I’d done it! And how glad am I that I did? When everything else is shutting down round about, there’s still something healthy, engaging and fun to look forward to on Monday nights! It works really well, try it!” Susie, Bondleigh

“We had our first online class last night and I’m really positive about it. I don’t want to do without my yoga. It’s not quite the same as being together and I’m aware I lose a bit of concentration but the benefits are as good as before” Anna, Throwleigh

“Many thanks for the online session last night. I don’t how you kept your eyes on all of us, it was great. To me it was not “mechanical” and really felt like you were in the room with me. I also felt the presence of the others” Adrian, Lapford

“It’s really easy to get on to Zoom and the sound and vision is great. I need to sort out my space a bit but I’m looking forward to this and will probably do more classes now I don’t have to drive at night” Andy, South Tawton

“I had my first online yoga session with Fiona today and the technology did not fail me! It was a revelation to be able to have a live yoga session in my own home, with Fiona making comments on postures etc as if she were in the same room with me and the other participants. While they might take a bit of getting used to, I think the online lessons will be good as they’ll mean I’m not restricted by geography and can log into a different session if I can’t make my normal one on Tuesday morning. I think they’ll really help in the difficult months ahead. As I’m not very good at practising yoga alone, without the online classes I would probably just drift into giving up completely. Thanks Fiona!” Emma, Coldridge

I was really looking forward to today to give myself time to understand the menopause, how it is impacting me and how I can embrace it. This retreat has allowed me to reflect and look forward to the future, learning in a wonderfully safe environment. The yin yoga and nidra, tasty lunch, meditation walk combined with Ellen’s talk on diet has inspired me. Thank you. Ingrid, Morchard Road

Thank you for such a lovely day! I feel like I have reconnected with myself again. This retreat was just what I needed – a nurturing space to give myself. I loved the variety of the day – the yoga, the fascinating talk on nutrition, the meditation walk and the delicious homemade food. I will be recommending to my friends. It was great to meet some lovely new faces too. Sarah, Chagford

It has been truly valuable to reconnect with myself in a very safe an nurturing environment. I’ve really gained a lot from the yoga and the information on nutrition. Thank you! Sarah, North Tawton

This has been a really special day exploring the menopause with so many layers of richness. Fiona holds the space in such an intuitive and safe way and I had the opportunity really explore aspects of myself. Thank you. Rachel, Exeter

I loved the Gentle Retreat Day, linked with a grounded connection with nature. I particularly enjoyed the meditation walk and guided yoga nidra session where I felt light, centred and peaceful – can’t wait to practise more!  Elizabeth, Chulmleigh

I found the Gentle Yoga Day Retreat at Viveka Gardens a really inspiring and enjoyable day. As I had hoped, it was a great introduction/reminder of the benefits of practising yoga but also provided a fascinating historical context which will definitely enhance my practice. The meditation walk around the fields at Viveka Farm on such a beautifully sunny day was truly enchanting and the Yoga Nidra was relaxing beyond description! As well as being an inspiring and encouraging teacher, Fiona’s extensive knowledge and experience of yoga provided many valuable insights into both theory and practice.
And the food was amazing! Lesley, Morchard Bishop

With her knowledge and scope for variety, Fiona’s yoga classes are health-giving and life-affirming in their comfort, range and challenge. It’s wonderful to share the experience with a group who smile at familiar faces and welcome new ones. Marina, Chagford

The atmosphere is gentle, positive and affirmative and the the sessions are joyful while extending our ability to hold the poses. Taken together with the relaxation and breathing exercises I come out relaxed and positive, looking forward to the next session with this great group led by a joyful, effective teacher. Linda, Chagford

The Quiet Day at Viveka Gardens provided me with the rest and reflection I really needed. The environment, food and retreat schedule were perfect. The Yoga nidra session and meditative walk were really special. Fiona holds a safe and open space so well. What a lovely day for Autumn reflection. Esme, Ashburton

The quiet day has felt so nourishing and gentle. I feel I’ve been held in a beautiful, safe space for the day. This has enabled deeper reflection to allow things to surface and come to light. The surroundings are beautiful, nestled the depths of Devon, with delicious vegan food and wonderful gardens. The unique combination of yoga, vegan food and gardening is just wonderful! I feel deeply rested and nourished after my day here. Thank you so much. Rosie, Dolton

The Quiet Day was one of my best experiences in yoga. The whole day was brilliant and went only too quickly. Warm, safe and very welcoming and the food was amazing. I will definitely return. Brie, Melksham

A day might not seem like a long time but it only takes a moment for things change in your life. At Viveka Gardens Fiona cultivates in some magical a way a quiet day where these moments of importance and change seem to be pulled out of your heart and gently presented to you. It was a peacefully emotional day, a day which I feel will be very important to me. Also, the food was an unbelievably delicious, healthy vegan feast. (Quiet Day) Helen, Manchester

Viveka Gardens provides the perfect sanctuary. It is brimming with the sights and sounds of nature which you can soak up helping in Fiona’s garden or going for a scenic stroll in the woods. I have been truly spoint by the tasty vegan dishes daily which luckily include fresh fruit and veg from her garden!  I wholeheartedly recommend the Quiet Day Retreat. Fiona has a gift for holding asafe, warm and supportive space in which to delve into some inner work. Her yin yoga and yoga nidra practices are beautifully guided and held, and have given me clarity and healing.  Abbi, London

I love coming back here as it always allows me to drop back to my true self. Viveka Gardens offers back to basics essentials: good food, good company and delicious yoga practices. It’s a sanctuary away from everyday life and allows the opportunity to stop, reflect and have real introspection.  Sharon, Bristol

Viveka Gardens is than extraordinary place to discover yourself and reconnect to nature. The quiet surroundings and beautiful Devonshire countryside offer real insight – in more ways than one! From the moment I arrived, the expansive stillness was echoed in the retreat. Fiona’s clear communication and instruction meant the day was predominantly in silence. This offered an opportunity for true connection for fellow retreaters and myself. She carefully and masterfully led us through a yin and nidra yoga session. This aided me to arrive at various conclusions and release emotions in the safe space which was created. This retreat will resonate with me for many years and I believe it will have a profound impact on my life. Fiona is professional, caring, nurturing and an incredible yoga teacher.  Oh, and did I mention the food? DELICIOUS vegan lunch/snacks as well as some Ayurveda knowledge from Fiona! I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking for clam, release and a space to share. Zach, London

I had 3 1-1 sessions at Viveka Gardens to help me build the confidence to practice yoga alone at home. Fiona is a very warm and welcoming person and an amazing teacher with a vast amount of knowlegde and experience to share. The yoga sudio is in a wonderfully peaceful location, It is full of natural light. Fiona has created a relaxing and inspiring environment to learn and practice in. Matt, Crediton

A beautiful, calm and relaxed space. Cool, peaceful and simple design. Bed was really comfortable, and the sleeping area had a positive vibe. Delicious food, especially the lemon shortbread and Shepherdess Pie! Liz, Exeter, bespoke retreat

We had our 2019 staff retreat at Viveka Gardens, and to date it was the best one we have had. The simplicity and the comfort of the space meant that we could focus our energy on our planning and thinking, knowing that our food was being prepared for us and we had yoga and relaxation to look forward to. Fiona is a compassionate host and looked after us so well. We came away energised and alert to what we needed to do going forwards. An absolute joy to spend time in touch with nature and ourselves Sara Bennett, CEO Balloons Charity for Bereaved Children

It’s my third retreat here now I think! I love Viveka Gardens and whether it’s a yoga teachers’ retreat, or a general retreat, it’s just what I need to recharge my batteries, connect with people, and immerse myself in my yoga practice. Beautiful space, great food and atmosphere. Camilla, Buckfastleigh

Spent a weekend at Viveka Gardens which is nestled in the beautiful Devonshire countryside. Fiona was welcoming and is full of knowledge and wisdom which she teaches and embodies. The energy of the farm impacted me immediately and was the perfect space and time to relax and heal. Definitely recommend visiting. Leela, Yoga teacher, Winchester

A wonderful yoga retreat in a quiet corner of Devon. Fiona teaches yin yoga and hatha yoga from the heart, and can tell you lots about sustainable food growing too. The farm is a lovely place, away from it all – as soon as you walk in you relax. Warmly recommended ? Esther, yoga teacher, Yoga and food Growing Retreat

A little slice of paradise, we loved it. Amazing venue, we even discovered our horticultural abilities, and the Yoga and the vegan food were excellent. We will definitely be back. Thanks so much Fiona for a wonderful day and the introduction to Yin Yoga Roberto, Madrid Yoga and food Growing Retreat

So, I have been to my second yoga class at The Clubhouse Chagford with Fiona. I doubt I am the most flexible participant or certainly not the youngest but I loved it. Fiona managed to make us all feel that our levels of participation were encouraged and appreciated. I think we all felt good about our part in the practice whatever our level of ability.The atmosphere was gentle, positive and affirmative and the the session was joyful while extending our ability to hold the poses. Taken together with the relaxation and breathing exercises I came out relaxed and positive, looking forward to the next session with this great group led by a joyful, effective teacher. L, Chagford

I signed up to do some 1-1 yoga sessions with Fiona to brush up my practice after a few years lapse. I found her an ideal teacher because she was open to my story and we worked on a routine that enabled me to continue alone at home. She knew when to push me a little further but was also sensitive to my limitations (arthritic hip). She’s very experienced and generous with her knowledge and the sessions with her are a great joy. S, Black Dog

A lovely relaxed day of learning. Nothing felt rushed but everything got done. Learning through doing as well as theory. And delicious food! Thank you (Eat for your Dosha Cooking Workshop)

Fantastic day of coming together to prepare, cook and eat delicious wholesome food. Fiona’s place fees like is designed specifically for what she offers. Fiona is a person so warm and welcoming. She is very in tune to each person’s needs. I would highly recommend Fiona’s retreats and I hope I am lucky enough to return. (Eat for your Dosha Cooking Workshop)

Very enjoyable day, well-organised and lots of healthy recipes. It was fun to cook with others. Thank you. (Eat for your Dosha Cooking Workshop)

The day was so well prepared which meant we were all focused and fell into sharing the experience from the moment we men in the kitchen. Beautiful combinations of ingredients, delicious result! Thank you, Susy, Black Dog

Great day. Explanations about Ayurvedic way, doshas and food qualities – all done in a non-judgemental encouraging way. Delicious food and interesting group discussions. Come with an empty belly! (Eat for your Dosha Cooking Workshop)

Friendly, heartwarming, genuine and the perfect place to heal body mind and soul. Fiona is very welcoming, and I found Viveka Gardens to be a beautiful oasis of peace, calm and serenity, and also a place to refocus, and re-energise. I felt at home, and will definitely be returning. Highly recommended . I’m not hugely experienced with yoga practice, but have to say Fiona is an excellent teacher, and the health benefits from my session lasted several weeks. The communal meal afterwards ( a delicious and hearty vegan soup ) was also well worth staying for. Thank you Fiona. Liz, Spreyton

I was at Viveka Gardens for a Yoga Teachers retreat. It was so homely and I loved that it was ashram style so I could really get back into my self practice. The daily routine and general ambiance of this stunning space was one of relaxation and introspection. Fiona is a wonderful yoga teacher too. Highly recommend. Angela, Atherton

Thank you Fiona for a very enlightening day. I learn a lot more about yoga than I expected to and will work towards to continuing development of my understanding of yoga practice. Although this was a menopause day I got more out of that just help with understanding menopause and the symptoms. It was a privilege to be able to share stories with the other women. I look forward to returning in the spring. Julie, Newton St Cyres

Really lovely day. Not quite what I expected, but I really got a lot from the day, and plenty to think and reflect on… Lovely supportive group, sharing experiences was helpful and interesting. Caroline, Morchard Road

Another lovely, deeply nurturing day. Gentle yoga and wonderful yoga nidra practices. Enjoyable walk outside, spending tie in nature. Fiona guided us through our menopause experience and shared he wisdom. Highly enjoyable and recommended. Thank you J Ooh and gorgeous food again! Lou, Halwill Junction

The retreat was in a beautiful location, the yoga room was peaceful and the food throughout the day was tasty and nutritious! Fiona has a lovely voice and found myself relaxing deeply during the nidra sessions. The day was a great mix of discussions, yoga and lovely walk around the grounds. Thank you for a great day and for all the information about yoga and nutrition! Mary, Plymouth

Peaceful, inspiring place… I joined Fiona and seven other wonderful people for a Yoga Teacher’s Retreat. It was an amazing experience, exchange of skills and knowledge, boost of confidence and injection of motivation and deep relaxation. The house, yoga studio and food are spectacular! I loved the quiet neighbourhood and beautiful nature all around. Katy, North London

My one to one classes with Fiona were excellent. I had neglected my yoga for a few years and needed to find my way back into a regular practice. Fiona’s gentle and intuitive understanding during my class, was an extremely positive experience. When my life has calmed down after these busy summer months, I will be rebooking my one to one class.  She is a very fine teacher indeed. Sue, Bondleigh

A lovely venue and a charming host, full of wisdom and an excellent vegan cook. I spent a lovely Yoga Nidra day here. A lovely, peaceful day….many thanks James, Livaton

Had a wonderful retreat day at the yoga farm! Fiona (Sundari) was so kind and thoughtful and tailored the yoga classes to our needs. Had delicious indian vegetarian lunch and a walk through the meadows to look at the trees planted. Such a beautiful and healing place with lovely energy. Would highly recommend. K, Exeter

I really enjoyed my day on the summer solstice today at viveka gardens. It was wonderfully led by Fiona in such a gentle clear way to hug all into finding out so much about the benefits of yoga. What a stunning place. It was such a treat to have time to reflect and look inward. Thank you to Fiona and all there today. B, Kingsteignton

I stayed at Fiona’s yoga farm for just one night, but felt like I’d really found a home and that I’d been there a week. It was so utterly beautiful and had a peace and serenity that meant I slept and slept and woke so refreshed. It was wonderful to meet Fiona too, to be made so welcome, to feel so relaxed, and to have so many fascinating conversations. I will definitely return! R, Oxford B&B

What Sundari has created here is really special! So much thought and wisdom put into making a spiritual and cleansing environment… I felt welcomed and accepted – and left feeling refreshed. Thank you, and to all the yogis who shared this lovely teachers’ retreat. Jasmine (Ishvari) Teachers’ Retreat, May 2018 

As elderly newcomers to Yoga we had 3 – 90 minute sessions with Fiona. On each visit we became quickly relaxed learning to use muscles we had forgotten existed. The whole experience was in enjoyable surroundings and we felt calm and refreshed by the visits. Fiona is a kind and understanding teacher with whom we look forward to continuing our exploration of Yoga. S & G, Coldridge

After a profound evening of Yoga Nidra, I couldn’t rate Viveka Gardens or Fiona more highly; Fiona is incredibly warm, welcoming and a master of her art, I felt immediately comfortable and held. Viveka Gardens has a great energy in which to practise and I look forward to going back again and again! J Chittlehampton

I love my yoga sessions at Viveka Gardens – it’s a very special place & a real pleasure to have somewhere like this in Mid Devon. J, Crediton

Staying at Viveka gardens gave me so much energy and inspiration. I was there for an advanced teachers retreat and I was so uplifted by the amount of natural energy from the land, flowers and abundant wildlife. There is so much potential there…I found it already like a mini Findhorn. You can see already the positive effects on the surrounding land due to the yoga and spiritual practices held there, in the way that it’s so alive! The perfect place to rest, recharge and connect with nature. Emma Brown, senior yoga teacher Sadhana Intensive Peer Refresher, August 2017

At Viveka Gardens Fiona provides an idyllic setting for spending some time with ourselves, and a day retreat offers an opportunity to simply take some time out from our daily routine for a fresh perspective. Sharing her knowledge and experience, with gentle and loving guidance, Fiona invites us to move towards greater connection with ourselves, our environment and the people around us. JM, Okehampton (Divine Mother Nidra Day retreat)

I thoroughly enjoyed my whole experience and look forward to applying it to my life in the future. Fiona’s voice is entrancing and the whole was totally lovely LG, Yeovil (Yoga Nidra Day Retreat)

Thoroughly enjoyed the day – like a holiday Rob, Crediton (Yoga Nidra Day Retreat)

Thoroughly enjoyed the day. A good balance between practice and chat and facts. Fabulous food. Safe and peaceful environment conducive to spiritual growth. Many thanks!! SB, Crediton (Yoga Nidra Day Retreat)

After my first Yoga session with Fiona I spent the rest of the day in a very relaxed and contented state of mind. The following day I experienced a surge of energy and vitality accompanied by a positive and clear mental state. My sensory perceptions seemed heightened, colours, sounds, taste appeared enhanced. Amazing. Glenn, Torridge (1-1 bespoke sessions)

Wonderful atmosphere in the old Church House. A very peaceful, natural, authentic class by Fiona. Will be back! Hannah, Sticklepath (about class at South Tawton)

I am so grateful to Fi for introducing me to Yoga. Her Hatha class is a real highlight of my week and helps energise my body and calm my mind every Tuesday. I love it! I would recommend Fi’s classes to anyone looking to try yoga or develop their practice. Simon, South Tawton

I really enjoy Fiona’s Hatha Yoga Classes. Her class is a good balance of pranayama, asanas and yoga nidra. I always leave the class energized and relaxed, which is such a good combination. I feel very lucky to have found Fiona in Devon. Marie Tholstrup Greve, Jacobstowe

I thoroughly enjoy my trips to Viveka Gardens. The feeling of retreat definitely resonates with me, and the practice is incredibly authentic – helping each of us to relax and discover more about how our bodies should move and feel. Fiona brings a genuine and honest approach to yoga, and has a knack of making you feel completely comfortable – especially with her enchanting mantras! The soup after practice usually involves some delicious pulses and organic vegetables – in a vegan yogi way – what a wonderful way to finish! I feel totally revitalised by the time i leave, within a matter of two hours! Amazing. Sophie, North Tawton

I love my yoga sessions at Viveka Gardens – it’s a very special place & a real pleasure to have somewhere like this in Mid Devon. Jo, Crediton

Fiona’s years of experience and extensive knowledge of yoga theory is evident in the way she provides background information on the reasons for the postures and processes, which adds a wonderful extra dimension to yoga practice. Vanessa, Bow (The Habit of Rest workshop)

Fiona’s classes are well run and very informative. The location of Church House in South Tawton is peaceful and relaxing, and very appropriate for the classes. I found the yoga nidra class to be incredibly relaxing, and very well taught. I would recommend the classes whole heartedly. J, South Zeal

I never knew I could switch off, until now! S, Moretonhampstead

I loved participating in the Chanting workshop! the content felt full and rich. I enjoyed the fun warm up exercises to begin with which I didn’t know about. I feel Sundari shared a wealth of knowledge with us and held space with heart for us to practice chanting and explore the topic together. There were opportunities for practising leading a chant and playing the harmonium – yey! I felt excited and safe enough to have a go under Sundari’s guidance and with the support of the group also. All in all it was a really positive experience and I feel encouraged and inspired to build on it. I have a new respect and appreciation for all the teachers out there that make leading chants look so easy. And – great handouts! I feel blessed, thank you. Teresa (Chanting workshop)

Deeply nourishing workshop thank you. Fiona holds a lovely safe space and executes it impeccably and in a very personable way. Gavin Frank (Autumn Yoga Nidra Workshop)

I had never considered having a coaching session until I won a free session with Fiona. I highly recommend it even if you don’t think you need it! It made me realise I could use my time more effectively, especially as I am studying alongside work. She gave me some useful ways of punctuating my routine with yoga asanas and refreshed my attitude toward yoga practice. LL (one-to-one, coaching option)

Fiona led a wonderful Yoga Nidra workshop which was very nourishing and calming to mind body and soul. She explained the origins and theory behind this powerful practice as well as guiding us through gentle yoga exercises and three yoga nidra meditations. These allowed me to relaxed far more than I had for quite a while and I found the workshop really inspiring. I look forward to practising further yoga nidra and trying some of Fiona’s other workshops. Claire

I highly recommend Fiona’s yoga. I’m a newbee to it all and happy to find some of it involves simply laying still and connecting to the body! Good to know as my last yoga experience was painful and off putting. This is like a gateway yoga! Go on, you know you want to! DH (gentle class with yoga nidra)

I felt very relaxed after the session, quite floaty and intrigued by this and novel experience. I didn’t really understand to begin with but lying there it sort of became clear and I developed a bit of an understanding. I had a very deep sleep that night. JL (gentle class with yoga nidra)

As elderly newcomers  to Yoga we had 3 – 90 minute sessions with Fiona. On each visit we became quickly relaxed learning to use muscles we had forgotten existed. The whole experience was in enjoyable surroundings and we felt calm and refreshed by the visits. Fiona is a kind and understanding teacher with whom we look forward to continuing our exploration of Yoga. S & G, Coldridge

Yoga has always been on my wish list and discovering that Viveka Gardens and Fiona are just 5 minutes away from me, I decided to take the plunge. As a complete novice I felt that the one to one sessions that Fiona offers would be the best introduction and I was not disappointed. Fiona is an extremely warm and welcoming person, with a sense of humour too. She is so patient and knowledgeable, I very quickly felt at ease and comfortable at the sessions. I would most certainly recommend the one to one approach with Fiona, I came away from the first session feeling extremely relaxed and very uplifted with a sense that there was much more of this wonderful feeling to be experienced. I hope to continue within a group session when I have finished my one to one sessions. Nicola, Bow

As well as the practical side I was also interested in learning a little about the origin and history of yoga and it soon became  apparent that Fiona had a wealth of interesting and relevant knowledge which she was able to put across very clearly.  On the practical side, she not only demonstrated the various techniques and postures very clearly but also explained the reasons and benefits of doing them. She was able to adapt the sessions to my specific needs and requests in an intelligent and thoughtful way. All in all, interesting, beneficial and enjoyable. Would highly recommend. Alan, Chulmleigh