restorative yoga

you only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves”                                                                                 Mary Oliver, Wild Geese

Restorative yoga allows the body to sink into rest. If you are exhausted, if you find yoga exercise daunting for any reason, if you want to drift into reverie for creativity, or you want to simply access deep relaxation, then this practice offers a different dimension.

There is no intention to stretch or hold. With props such as blankets and cushions to support and ‘contain’ the torso and limbs, and gentle guidance, you find a sweet spot of true relaxation as we stay in ‘shapes’ for 5 – 10 minutes. Simple breathwork and guided body visualisations deepen the process.

The relaxation response brings your system into the rest-digest-repair state. That’s the body’s natural alternative to the fight-flight-freeze stress response. We’re in a flux between the two all the time, and when there is true rest, the body has a chance to go into self-healing mode. With practice, along with other yoga techniques or other modalities, you’ll maybe notice more inner calm and self-awareness.

The restorative yoga session let me feel a deep sense of rest. The process of getting into pose, adding props and blankets allowed my body to feel ‘just right’ and the feeling of being held and supported unlocked a ‘letting go’ both physical and emotional, it even felt like my lungs got bigger and I could breathe more easily. Thank you. 1-1 student

For myself, at the sweet spot of relaxation, I experience a flush of tenderness and coming home; ‘a deep unfragmented sense of self as well as an undivided sense of presence’ is a lovely description from my trainer Beverley Nolan*.

Restorative yoga with yoga nidra is a lovely pairing for deep rest and personal insight. See the coming up events (right). To prepare we do some gentle yoga moves, accessible to most and with variations suggested for any barriers. There’s a 75-minute restorative practice (60-minute in London) followed by a 40-minute nidra. Either a super tasty snack and tea (London) or a grounding vegan soulfood souper soup is served after the practice (at Viveka Gardens) to provide not only more nourishment but also to bring you back to earth ready to travel home.

Be reassured that the sessions are lead kindly, and you will receive encouragement to only do what feels good. Alternatives to poses will be offered in case of injury or pain and you can stop anything at any time without fear.

Suggestions of what to bring: a notebook and pen, warm layers, different pair of socks/slipper socks, eye pillow or scarf

*Barefoot Body Training

pictures taken and included with student’s permission

Restorative Events

Restorative Yoga

22nd May 3-6pm

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

restorative, nidra and

Vegan Cream Tea in the Garden After!