friday night nidra

Online Yoga Nidra Workshops

In times of change yoga nidra offers strong benefits

deep rest to our system from worry: let go.

insight on inner processes and outer conundrums.

wisdom for what next for you.

The workshop includes

  • introduction to the practice and the season-based theme
  • mindful yoga moves
  • 40 minute yoga nidra (guided lying down meditation)
  • circle to each share and listen to what’s come up and is going on
Yoga nidra is a guided lying down meditation for deep relaxation and personal insight.

Nidra means sleep. In yoga nidra you retain awareness while allowing the mind waves to slow to the frequency of dream and deep sleep. Your system is able to rest deeply while accessing the subconscious.

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You will need
A yoga mat, blanket or soft surface to lie on
A bolster or roll pillows in a towel or small blanket, or put the bundle in a pillowcase, or roll up a heavy blanket. Two such bundles would be good, but can probably manage with one especially if you are more on the short and slim side
eye pillow or scarf to cover your eyes (optional)
layers of clothes and an extra blanket for warmth
pets, partners, children to leave you alone!

Lovely Day Retreats Online with restorative yoga nidra, meditation walk, journalling, prayer and blessing

Insomnia sufferers keep coming back for the great nights’ sleep that follow
Thank you so much for the Yoga Nidra session. I had an amazing sleep last night. I noticed during the nidra that I felt my heart area becoming warm. Maybe this is fanciful on my part! But I went with it and it felt – for the want of a better word – reassuring. Margaret, Cork
Thank-you so much for last night (Friday Night Nidra). It was truly both amazing and beautiful. I was so relaxed, and still am, listening to the birds this morning. It seemed such a deep experience and I slept for hours afterwards. Julie, Okehampton
That was super relaxing thank you. I have no doubt it did me the world of good and I definitely feel rested. You have a lovely way of of teaching nidra. A lovely way to begin some time to unwind from an extremely stressful period. Much thanks Ruth, Oxford
Thanks for last night (Friday Night Nidra), it was just what I needed. I’ve been a bit stressed/under the weather and it really helped me relax. I had a great nights sleep, lets hope it continues for a few days. Ruth, North Tawton

Friday Night Nidra Online

For lying down: transformative rest and constructive dreaming

This is our monthly online Friday Night Nidra in rhythm with nature.

Imbolc: the celtic cross quarter festival between winter solstice and spring equinox. While our lives may be busy, on the land it’s a pause with just the first intimations of spring.
Let’s ground ourselves and get an intimation of what is fresh and new in us

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