Nut and Seed Chonks

I served this sweet treat on the Yoga and Digestive Health afternoon mini-retreat. The meal over all had 40+ plant ingredients: latest advice is eat 30 different plant species a week. There ten in this sweet alone (I include the sugar in the chocolate). It was DELICIOUS, and a digestion-supporting postscript to golden cauli dhal, rice, raita, salad and chutney.

Good to use a sharp, heavy knife to cut up the piece. I think all over the place angles to make chonks rather than squares give more opportunity for mouth interest, but this can result in crumbs everywhere. Square on squares or bars might be better.

Ingredients for around 24 pieces,

  • 1/3 cup each pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, desiccated coconut, chopped cashews, chopped pistachios, chopped/slivered almonds (or make up your own similar combo)
  • 1/3 cup tahini
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 200g 70% or thereabouts dark, naturally vegan chocolate
  • sprinkle of maldon salt


  1. mix the ingredients
  2. press into a greaseproof paper lined tin
  3. bake at 175 for 15 minutes and allow to cool
  4. melt your chocolate bain-marie style
  5. pour over the top and smooth to the corners
  6. optional: swirl or feather pattern a teaspoon of dribbled tahini over the top (I would have done this but the jar was at the solid end phase)
  7. put in the freezer
  8. use a sharp, heavy knife to chop into chonks or bars. It’s ok to serve it direct from the freezer – chocolate melts at blood temperature and crunchy is good.