Mangiamo! Let’s eat! Eating together round the big table is at the heart of the retreat community here at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm. Dhal, rice and subji – and maybe chapatti, but that’s another story – is a meal that will extend to feed all. You don’t want to miss out on chutney with tamarind, […]

hungry gap soup

Though April and early May can feel like full spring there’s not much harvest yet. Carrots and certain over-wintered brassicas like kale, or spring greens may be coming on. Roots like swede and celeriac, which love a Devon soil, have been in harvest. This year there has been an early glut of carrots. Celery may […]

passion cake

Sometimes it’s nice to do a bit of old fashioned baking. The sweet, warm aromas, the cutting of the cake around a table with friends: it’s full of heart. The purist vegan in me is a little offended by analogues – here soya flour providing the binding agent lecithin that you would get from albumin […]

Information for Karma Yogis & Wwoofers

Information for karma yogis/wwoofers Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm. The purpose of a retreat place is to leave behind mundane matters to go within and find inspiration. Through your efforts on the land and in the inside spaces you can contribute to the higher and more peaceful vibration […]


After a practice in an Active Listening session one woman had tears in her eyes, ‘I realise I’ve never really been listened to.’ To be really heard is a precious thing. To really listen – without thinking about what you want to say, interrupting or giving advice, but noticing what is not said and feelings […]

Moroccan lentil soup

Thursday soup for hungry karma yogis and after class is now a fixture at Viveka Gardens. It’s a joy to prepare using seasonal Devon veg: we’ve had green lentil, tomato and rosemary; tofu, miso and noodles; Indian yellow split pea; dried fava and herbes de Provence, for example. This one was inspired by student Ness […]

asato ma sat gamaya

Here is one of the peace mantras chanted at the end of the class to close the space and send us on our way with a positive vibration. If you wish to learn them and join in, you are most welcome. The lines come from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, a 6th – 9th century BCE interpretation of […]

the mysterious psoas

Inhale on 1, on 2 on 3. Exhale on 1, on 2 on 3. Leg raises can seem a little boring and I sometimes feel a pang coming to that point in the class. I try to encourage students not to throw them away by inviting them to count the breath, close the eyes and […]

Bean and Butternut soup

It’s the details of a vision where you can warm your hands when the big picture seems a bit nebulous. A wholesale order of organic pulses, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, herbs and spices has been a sustaining dream over the past two years. And yay, the first order has arrived! Feeding guests tasty, good […]

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