After a practice in an Active Listening session one woman had tears in her eyes, ‘I realise I’ve never really been listened to.’ To be really heard is a precious thing. To really listen – without thinking about what you want to say, interrupting or giving advice, but noticing what is not said and feelings […]

Moroccan lentil soup

Thursday soup for hungry karma yogis and after class is now a fixture at Viveka Gardens. It’s a joy to prepare using seasonal Devon veg: we’ve had green lentil, tomato and rosemary; tofu, miso and noodles; Indian yellow split pea; dried fava and herbes de Provence, for example. This one was inspired by student Ness […]

asato ma sat gamaya

Here is one of the peace mantras chanted at the end of the class to close the space and send us on our way with a positive vibration. If you wish to learn them and join in, you are most welcome. The lines come from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, a 6th – 9th century BCE interpretation of […]

the mysterious psoas

Inhale on 1, on 2 on 3. Exhale on 1, on 2 on 3. Leg raises can seem a little boring and I sometimes feel a pang coming to that point in the class. I try to encourage students not to throw them away by inviting them to count the breath, close the eyes and […]

Bean and Butternut soup

It’s the details of a vision where you can warm your hands when the big picture seems a bit nebulous. A wholesale order of organic pulses, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, herbs and spices has been a sustaining dream over the past two years. And yay, the first order has arrived! Feeding guests tasty, good […]

for teachers

Events and training for teachers Facilitate a better workshop – continuing professional development for teachers, Friday 17th February 2017 at Light Yoga Space, Dalston, London N1 Monday 18th – Thurs 21st April – retreat for Sivananda Teachers at Viveka Gardens, West Leigh Devon. More info coming soon


This week I attended the Oxford Real Farming Conference again. This is a super inspiring two-day event. Yoga and food growing have long been my twin passions, and so the light bulb moment YOGA FARM! The conference is a chance to meet up with many from the London growing scene, food policy initiatives and farms […]

the attitude of gratitude

The open sky at Viveka Gardens gives the perfect opportunity to observe the stars and moon, dawn and dusk, be in tune with the rhythm of the day and feel grateful for the interconnectedness of life The turn of the year, maybe taking stock as well as enjoying good cheer, is a time for gratitude. […]

Christmas bliss balls

Here is a basic bliss ball recipe adapted for Christmas when finding a vegan mince pie just seems too difficult. A burst of natural sweetness to share with guests or to finish off a meal. There good minerals in chia and lucuma. You can also add raw cacao and/or maca another time for extra benefits. […]

shepherdess pie

This hearty, proteinaceous and wholesome dish has good measures of secret ingredients. Sweet, salty and tangy sundried tomatoes and oregano  bring Mediterranean warmth and digestibility to earthy green lentils and grounding sweet potato. Celery and carrots, organic for the best taste, bring sweetness. You could use ‘normal’ potatoes as is usual in this dish. But […]