Mangiamo! Let’s eat! Eating together round the big table is at the heart of the retreat community here at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm. Dhal, rice and subji – and maybe chapatti, but that’s another story – is a meal that will extend to feed all. You don’t want to miss out on chutney with tamarind, and for good measure we added a peamint chutney to this meal too.

But the veg are key to the meal. Often we say vegetable subji but a participant told me recently at a cooking workshop at Made in Hackney that subji actually means vegetable. Anyway, vegetable curry. Use veg in season, about 500g all together: could be potato/cauli, aubergine/sweet potato, pumpkin/cabbage…

Ingredients feeds 4 – 6

  • 1 tsp fenugreek seeds
  • 1 3cm piece cinnamon stick
  • 400g sweet potato diced c1.5cm
  • 1 small – medium cauliflower broken into florets
  • 2tbsp oil (like rape seed)
  • 1 generous tsp each of ground coriander, ground turmeric and ground cumin, mixed
  • 1 kettle full of boiled water (c 1.7L)
  • generous handful of chopped coriander or parsley
  • juice of half a lemon
  • salt and pepper


  1. heat the oil in a wok or large frying pan that you have a lid for. Sizzle the fenugreek and cinnamon stick for a minute or so once the oil is hot
  2. add in the veg and fully coat with oil
  3. sprinkle over the ground spices and coat the veg. Saute for 5 mins
  4. add water half way up the veg and stir around
  5. place on the lid so veg are half steaming. turn every few minutes til they are soft when poked with a sharp knife
  6. turn off the heat, add the lemon juice and fresh herbs, and seasoning stirring in
  7. yum