Scrambled tofu

Scrambled tofu

Scrambled tofu is an easy win if you want a protein hit. And tasty. You can serve it old-fashioned style with baked beans for a tin, or really nice is with steamed pak choi (or spinach, broccoli spears) and fried off tomatoes in oregano – as in the picture.

Tofu is a complete protein, meaning it offers all the amino acids humans require, at a rate of 36g/100g. It also contains a range of minerals. Yoga-wise, it’s not 100% perfect as it is a fermented product, but occasional eating is fine – see veganyogi. It’s also a heavy and cold food, meaning you need good digestive fire for it. Adding the aromatic oils from mustard seeds and turmeric, as in this recipe, helps.

Soya is a controversial food for environmental reasons; slash and burning of primary rainforest is still going on but this is generally to provide feed for beef. There is GM soya production on quite a large global scale, also for beef. Buy organic tofu to be sure it’s not GM. Health-wise there seem to be a range of studies pro and against soya and its oestrogenic properties. It may or may not suppress/promote certain cancers.

*EDIT lately I’ve been adding ground black salt, which is salt with natural sulphur in it: eggy taste! I didn’t have luck finding it in either of the two local health food shops so sent off online. Get it already ground, not rock salt, as less faff.

Anyway, enjoy this!

Ingredients serves 3 – 4

  • 400g block tofu
  • about a tablespoon of rape seed oil can be less if you are concerned about fat consumption but this will make it more tasty
  • quarter of a teaspoon of black mustard seeds (no more – powerful stuff!)
  • 2 teaspoons dried, ground turmeric but I guess you could add fresh grated, I haven’t tried it, and that would add some heat too
  • freshly ground sea salt and pepper to taste*


  1. sit the tofu block in a colander or sieve for 15 minutes to allow excess water to drain away then squish it in your hands til it forms a crumb texture
  2. put the oil and seeds in a frying pan on a high heat til the seeds begin to pop
  3. add in the tofu and stir thoroughly through the oil
  4. sprinkle in the turmeric and stir in thoroughly
  5. turn the tofu for 5 minutes or so, meanwhile making your toast.
  6. Enjoy