Quiet Day November 21st

This is a day to be mainly in silence together, in real life. There’ll be just five of us, including me, Fiona, the facilitator.

You are invited to drop your daily routine and social chatter With yin yoga (guided and supported, accessible by most), yoga nidra, conscious meal, meditation walk, quiet sitting and journaling and we’ll go within. Each activity will be gently guided the minimum needed. There will be opening, midday checking in and closing circles for each to share their aims for the day, insights and resolves.

Process It may be that you choose to sit with a grief, either of bereavement or other loss, another theme of personal enquiry or simply open yourself to whatever insights may arise on the day.  You will be heard and the space held in a safe, non-judgemental, non-advice giving and confidential way. But this is not in any way counselling or group therapy.

Mixed ability yoga
In this retreat being ‘able’ is more about the willingness to go within than trained physical strength or flexibility

Yoga and nature connection
As well as yoga practices we’ll take time in nature with a meditation walk here on the land (8.5 acres)

Yogic diet
A yogic diet uplifts and gives energy. We eat fresh, wholesome, seasonal, delicious vegan food made with mainly local organic/homegrown veg and organic ingredients.

Viveka Gardens: a retreat place where community and visitors can ground themselves through yoga practices growing and nature connection, and so connect with their true self to embody peace and unity

The Quiet Day at Viveka Gardens provided me with the rest and reflection I really needed. The environment, food and retreat schedule were perfect. The Yoga nidra session and meditative walk were really special. Fiona holds a safe and open space so well. What a lovely day for Autumn reflection. Esme, Ashburton

The quiet day has felt so nourishing and gentle. I feel I’ve been held in a beautiful, safe space for the day. This has enabled deeper reflection to allow things to surface and come to light. The surroundings are beautiful, nestled the depths of Devon, with delicious vegan food and wonderful gardens. The unique combination of yoga, vegan food and gardening is just wonderful! I feel deeply rested and nourished after my day here. Thank you so much. Rosie, Dolton

The Quiet Day was one of my best experiences in yoga. The whole day was brilliant and went only too quickly. Warm, safe and very welcoming and the food was amazing. I will definitely return. Brie, Melksham

A day might not seem like a long time but it only takes a moment for things change in your life. At Viveka Gardens Fiona cultivates in some magical a way a quiet day where these moments of importance and change seem to be pulled out of your heart and gently presented to you. It was a peacefully emotional day, a day which I feel will be very important to me. Also, the food was an unbelievably delicious, healthy vegan feast. (Quiet Day) Helen, Manchester

Viveka Gardens provides the perfect sanctuary. It is brimming with the sights and sounds of nature which you can soak up helping in Fiona’s garden or going for a scenic stroll in the woods. I have been truly spoint by the tasty vegan dishes daily which luckily include fresh fruit and veg from her garden!  I wholeheartedly recommend the Quiet Day Retreat. Fiona has a gift for holding asafe, warm and supportive space in which to delve into some inner work. Her yin yoga and yoga nidra practices are beautifully guided and held, and have given me clarity and healing.  Abbi, London

I love coming back here as it always allows me to drop back to my true self. Viveka Gardens offers back to basics essentials: good food, good company and delicious yoga practices. It’s a sanctuary away from everyday life and allows the opportunity to stop, reflect and have real introspection.  Sharon, Bristol

Saturday Nov 21st
£60 Viveka Gardens is keen to make yoga available to all – bursaries for those on benefit/low income Please contact to discuss



10.00 arrival and opening circle

10.30 yin yoga and yoga nidra session

12.30 lunch

2.00 themed meditation walk

2.45 Workshop, tea and closing circle

4.00 conclusion