sembazuru – one thousand cranes

Om May 27th 2017 Viveka Gardens recieved a generous, auspicious and beautiful gift, full of grace from artist Ikuko Danby, a sculpture called Sembazuru. It is full of symbolism. The installation was quite an event on the most shakti-filled May day: magical. Ikuko writes, SEMBAZURU is a group of one thousand origami paper cranes held […]

Sadhana Intensive Peer Refresher for Sivananda Teachers 13 – 17 August

This five-day retreat is for Sivananda Teachers who have completed the Sadhana Intensive. It is a 5-day self-practice sadhana intensive refresher for a few yogis who have done SI with Swami Kailasananda. It’s a chance to review the practices and our notes together, and do the practices on the land here. It will be very simple, with […]

27 May yoga and food growing workshop

Do you need to ground yourself? Feel the joy of new growth? On this day workshop you can have the benefits yoga sessions, food growing and a super-delicious wholesome vegan lunch. Enjoy ashram-style living for the day at rural retreat place Viveka Gardens. Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm: a retreat place where community and visitors can ground themselves through […]

the unique benefits of yoga exercise

Sophie came to a yoga workshop; she’s a Zumba teacher and I went to one of her classes. She has infectious enthusiasm and it was fun – I loved it! She needs to stretch more, she says, and I need to move more. If only we could swap classes but we both teach at the same […]

cherry chocolate cake

Uh-ho forgot to take a picture of this one before it got eaten – twice that has happened! Totally vegan but still an old-fashioned cake with sugar,wheat and soya, so not for everyone. It is delicious and has a ganache type icing. Nice to serve with soya cream. There are a lot of currant bushes […]

July 8 Yoga Nidra – Full Summer Moon at the Barefoot Barn

This workshop is for new and previous participants in yoga nidra. There will be a focus on finding, honing or developing your sankalpa, which is Sanskrit for intention, life-purpose, heart’s prayer, and can be an affirmation that goes deep into your psyche to support you in your aims. What do you really want?  Yoga nidra […]


Mangiamo! Let’s eat! Eating together round the big table is at the heart of the retreat community here at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm. Dhal, rice and subji – and maybe chapatti, but that’s another story – is a meal that will extend to feed all. You don’t want to miss out on chutney with tamarind, […]

hungry gap soup

Though April and early May can feel like full spring there’s not much harvest yet. Carrots and certain over-wintered brassicas like kale, or spring greens may be coming on. Roots like swede and celeriac, which love a Devon soil, have been in harvest. This year there has been an early glut of carrots. Celery may […]

passion cake

Sometimes it’s nice to do a bit of old fashioned baking. The sweet, warm aromas, the cutting of the cake around a table with friends: it’s full of heart. The purist vegan in me is a little offended by analogues – here soya flour providing the binding agent lecithin that you would get from albumin […]

Information for Karma Yogis & Wwoofers

Information for karma yogis/wwoofers Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm. The purpose of a retreat place is to leave behind mundane matters to go within and find inspiration. Through your efforts on the land and in the inside spaces you can contribute to the higher and more peaceful vibration […]