Draeyk’s apple, blackberry and cinnamon Spelt lattice

Draeyk and his husband Bruce are good friends and it’s through house-sitting for them on Dartmoor that I happened to know Devon was The Place for VG. Draeyk’s a vegan chef and loves cooking seasonally and especially from the land. Snap!

Here’s his recipe posted on fb in August with his particularly early apple variety and blackberries that were also super early this year (2018). I love spelt and I’m keen to experiment with different oils, like avocado here. You can just use apples and I reckon coconut oil or even olive oil would work nicely too.

“Two cups white spelt flour*, healthy pinch salt, 4-6 tablespoons sugar (depend how sweet you like it), half teaspoon cinnamon, add avocado oil and mix, keep adding oil till you have a crumble like mix. Then add enough water to form a dough. Take a third off and set aside to roll and slice to make strips for topping (which I then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar) roll out base, put in a floured shallow tin, and bake in over till just golden (about 5-10 minutes) around 300 (our Aga doesn’t work with standard temperatures its the top front which I think is around d 250-300) bring out and let cool. Then add mix (I par cook apple pieces with sugar and lemon juice, then add blackberry and grated apple after cooking) add slices to top and bake for about 15 minutes… or till golden”

Go for it, use your intuition! *c. 240g