Jubilee Hall, near the main car park, Chagford, TQ13 8DP
6.45 – 8.15pm Gentle-ish

Viveka Gardens, West Leigh EX17 6BL
10 – 11.30am Gentle Class hearty soup served after (£3)
Church House, SOUTH TAWTON, EX20 2LQ
6 – 7.15 pm Gentle Class
7.30 – 9.00 pm Traditional Hatha Yoga

Viveka Gardens  West Leigh EX17 6BL
7 – 8.30pm Traditional Hatha Yoga hearty soup served after (£3)

9.30 – 11.00 The Clubhouse, Cricket Pavilion, Playing Fields, Manor Road, Chagford TQ13 8AS

£48 for 6 class card to use within 2 calendar months (mid and end-term breaks not-withstanding); £10 drop-in

Classes finish for summer 19th July; recommence 3rd September 2019

bespoke and 1-1s available contact to discuss

ONE TO ONE SESSIONS If you are just starting yoga, private tuition will give you the best start you can possibly have… and if you are a long term practitioner this approach will give you fresh inspiration and insight into your practice. For older, stiff or recuperating people very gentle, possibly chair-based, exercises bring fresh flexibility and vitality

Info on 1-1 and small group sessions


Traditional Hatha Yoga Class 

– 90 minute class
– for people who have basic fitness and/or some yoga experience
– range of ability and experience easily accommodated

What to expect Classes are facilitated in the Sivananda hatha yoga tradition with a concluding relaxation. You can expect to work physically hard in a moderate way. You will be encouraged to listen to your body to know how far you can go on the day. The session includes savasana (lying down) between postures, and focus on the breath. The classes are suitable for different levels of experience and mobility through more/less testing variations and longer/shorter holding.

The practice class consists of:
  • introductory mantras
  • pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • surya namaskar (sun salutation)
  • asana (yoga postures) which are held
  • final relaxation
  • concluding mantras – students can learn these and join in
Gentle Yoga Class

– 90-minute class
– for people who can get down onto the mat, kneel and/or sit on the floor
– great for beginners and rusty people

What to expect The session uses a sequence of gentle movements designed to bring flexibility to the joints and free the flow of energy in the system. You can expect to move your limbs in manageable and mindful ways, listening for what feels right on the day. You will increase lung capacity, vitality, flexibility, mental clarity and your sense of well -being deep. You will feel deeply relaxed with mental clarity.

The practise consists of:

  • introductory mantras
  • breath awareness using the yogic breath
  • the 90-minute class also includes gentle pranayama
  • simple seated or kneeling movements coordinated with the breath
  • final relaxation
  • concluding mantras students can learn these and join in

Fiona also offers 1-1s and small group private tuition (click for more info) in Devon.  I teach adults of all levels of experience and fitness.

Read a little bit about Fiona (Sundari), the teacher, and the approach.

 What to bring

  • your yoga mat to put on top of our mats if you can bring one (can also be borrowed generally)
  • loose trousers that cover all your legs with an elasticated waist
  • warm top and socks to put on for relaxation
  • we have some blankets but you might like to bring your own
  • best not to eat for two hours beforehand and avoid drinking water in class

Questions? Contact Fiona