Yin & Nidra Workshop plus Campfire Soup 24th July

A real life workshop in the studio here at Viveka Gardens. Utterly relaxing with yin yoga and yoga nidra with the summer breeze wafting through, followed by gathering around the woodland firepit here and vegan soulfood soup.

Theme It’s the full moon, and the end of term, so time to take stock and see where you’re going. We’re in high summer and coming up to the feast of Lammas (loaf-mass, a harvest festival) so let’s check in with our inner fruitfulness. We can also acknowledge the ‘dark harvest’ of what has been hoped for but hasn’t come to pass. With yin and nidra we’ll dive within and rest in our intuition for what is true for you at this season.

Yin practice involves long-held poses supported by cushions and blankets that allows deep relaxation and release on all levels.

Yoga Nidra is a guided lying down meditation practice for deep relaxation and personal insight whereby participants can release the build up of psychoemotional tension throughout the body and mind. Yoga Nidra helps with insomnia and stress, life challenges and next steps. We can benefit from nature’s earthing from fully rural Mid Devon, Viveka Gardens Retreat Place.

Fiona is a trained and experienced facilitator of yin and nidra. Based at her Viveka Gardens Retreat Place in Mid Devon, she brings nature and season-based visualisations and prana-filled vibration to nidra.<

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Stay overnight B&B £50 

Saturday 24th July

3.45 – 7.15pm

Arrival from 3.45 for 4pm start

The workshop includes:
– yin yoga session
– 40 minute yoga nidra (guided lying down meditation)
– circle to each share and listen to what’s come up and is going on
– vegan soulfood soup and campfire


be in touch if on low/no income


Existing students, let me know you are coming and make payment. New to yoga with Fiona? Please complete the new student/booking form

Please bring
• a notebook and pen
• eye pillow or scarf to cover your eyes (optional)
• Layers of clothes
• study shoes/boots for walking to the woods

**Mats, blankets, bolsters and other props supplied. The ones in the studio will have been aired and exposed to UV, mats steam cleaned