The Joy of Germination

Yoga and food growing retreats feature in 2019, the Joy of Germination! Did you know that touching the earth reduces inflammation more than any amount of antioxidant superfoods? Eat those too, though. Read more on the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of food growing in The Joy of Germination. Yoga and the allotment were my twin sources of joy, relaxation, energy and creativity as a single working mum in London. These two practices supported my mental and physical wellbeing over 20 years or so, and spiritual growth. My passions have become my profession, way of life and mission to share the simple connection that both bring, re-connection to self, land, others and wider consciousness…and it starts with popping a bean seed in some compost as we’ll do on the Gentle Retreat, planting out on the second May Bank Holiday retreat, and have the Honour of Harvesting end of July.

Following last year’s success there are two more lovely teachers’ retreats here, An opportunity to practice the ashram day, take a turn at teaching or leading a workshop, take part in co-mentorship, relax with peers, gain spiritual nourishment and recharge. These are open to trainees or people with experience who are considering training. Please tell your teacher friends and teachers!

Great food and sitting round a table together with like-minded people; the peaceful vibe, quiet and fresh air here; the comfortable beds, the simple, restful space and really getting away from it all. Oh, and yoga, yoga nidra, group meditation and walks.

Physical benefits

  • Gardening burns calories: 3-4 hours gardening = 1 hour in a sweaty, no-fresh-air, plastic-filled gym
  • Exposure to sunlight and Vitamin D, essential for bone health and healthy immune system
  • Reduced risk of stroke and heart attack, report in the BMJ
  • Osteoporosis risk reduced through physical repeated tasks


Literally, earthing

This article links to research showing that when you touch the earth the transfer of negative ions from the ground reduces inflammation way more than eating any amount of antioxidants but also stimulates the parasympathetic rest-and-relax part of the nervous system (read the VG blog here for more info)

We have all (I hope) experienced being in nature and how later you may feel tired but energised, more healthy (if a little stiff from exertion) and refreshed.

Do you have a passion that could become your profession? Coaching gave me the courage and vision to make a dream come true. I so benefited that I upped my skills with an Advanced Diploma training (recognised by the ILM) to launch Sankalpa Coaching. Let me be alongside you to support you in your transition to living life in alignment with your true self.