the state of grace

the state of grace

The state of grace:  sounds so beautiful and out of reach. But in fact it is entirely attainable through yoga practices, and by using some other simple techniques. Smiling, for instance :).

Getting into a state of grace is also a pre-requisite for any transcendent work. Meditation, soul/spirit connection and healing, for example. This weekend I attended a workshop on geomancy, how to work with the spirits of the land. This is of great interest in finding site of Viveka Gardens, as well as growing food, how to honour the land as we sow, cultivate and harvest.

The workshop group shared experiences of grace, experiences of being out of grace and ways to cultivate grace. We all agreed this should be taught in schools. Study the notes, and remind yourself. After all, the state of grace is our natural state, we just fall out of it.

the grace state

  • monkey mind stops
  • time slows down
  • feel calm and peaceful
  • feel open slow
  • deep breath
  • relaxed body
  • perception is sharper
  • feelings of love
  • feel in the flow
  • voice relaxes
  • ‘all the traffic lights are green’
out of grace

  • irritation
  • fear
  • loss of energy
  • aches and pains
  • lack of sleep
  • alienation
  • self-doubt
  • losing things
  • feeling of lack of abundance
  • ‘caught in the hamster wheel of criticism and judgement’
how to shift into state of grace

  • bring awareness into the body
  • observe the breath
  • do conscious breaths
  • use the breath to relax the body
  • practise meditation
  • look for truth and beauty
  • practise gratitude
  • sing/chant
  • dance
  • play
  • laugh
  • swim in the river
  • walk barefoot in nature
  • sit with your back against a tree
  • de-focus the eyes
  • smell the roses
  • do yoga asanas/tai-chi
  • smile
  • stroke the cat
  • walk a labyrinth
  • ‘in the flow’