Retreat for Pioneer Practitioners

Rest and spend time with other pioneer practitioners at Viveka Gardens retreat place in Mid Devon. This is hosted by Fiona Law, pioneer and ordinand, at her place of encounter with seekers. This retreat is for pioneers and any minister or minister in training of pioneering sensibility.

With a relaxed rythym over two half and two full days, each participant shares a practice or workshop from their mission. It might be body-mind-soul or landscape-based to make the most of Viveka’s resources (yoga studio and land), or with another creative/playful focus.

We follow a light rule and make a community for this moment in time. All in all, it’s a chance to expand into rest, explore vocation and be at ease with ‘not fitting in’ together. Viveka Gardens is a liminal place, nowhere-ish geographically, utterly rural and in tune with the rhythms of nature.


Arrival from 2pm on Friday and departure 1.00-ish on Monday. The accommodation is shared in two lofty converted barn spaces.

This retreat is at a reduced price to reflect a collegiate sharing of the container. I’m looking for the least amount of faffing, dear colleagues, so do secure your place with £150 non-returnable deposit and pay the balance four weeks before the retreat.

Go to the accommodation pages and instagram page to see what it’s like here at Viveka Gardens. Fiona is a good vegan home cook and you can look forward to wholesome and tasty food. Please respect the vegan diet here (no alliums, milk, eggs etc). The suggestion is we practise silence from end of evening session til after morning worship.  Be in touch with any questions. Getting here

A calm and safe space has been created by Fiona at Viveka Gardens. It has been a place for me to get to know and care for my mind, body and soul (spirit). Through yoga, guided meditations, journaling and making time to stop, I have been able to open myself up to the spirit of God. I’ve encountered God in a new and authentic way, no external agendas, just me, Spirit and space to process. Learning, then practising yoga and meditation for myself  has been such a positive experience. My faith has been renewed and strengthened in a life changing way. S, Bristol

I had a lovely overnight stay at Viveka Gardens arriving to a beautifully made up clean room like a luxurious monastic cell (with ensuite bathroom!) and great hospitality. The yoga retreat was a new venture for me – I was an almost complete newbie at yoga – but I found Fiona a gentle, compassionate teacher, eager to serve, and I felt embraced in the love of the Divine through this day of paying attention to my body and listening to what might arise through the exercises in terms of hearing what God wanted to show me. As it happened it was 36 hours later when real revelation came, but I’m sure that all I received at Viveka Gardens made it easier for me to tune into the Holy Spirit, and I feel really grateful for this time. I will be back!!! Tina, Sherbourne

Santosha Loft accommodation at Viveka Gardens

July 29th – 1 August

4-day-3-night stay

Cost £295

comfortable, calm and cosy accommodation, vegan meals, fruit bowl, teas

Viveka Gardens is keen to make yoga available to all – bursaries for those on benefit/low income Please contact to discuss

Please see Ts &Cs, subject to change in line with government guidelines

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schedule a chat

Schedule can be shifted about by the group, depending on offerings

Arrival from 2pm
4.00 gentle yoga practice to land and embody
6.00 supper
7.00 intro/tour Viveka Gardens
8.00 contemplative compline
10pm silence

7.00 meditation and Celtic morning prayer or similar
8.00 breakfast
9.00 – 10.15 session 1, then break
11.30 session 2 
1.00 lunch
4.00 session 3
6.00 supper
7.30 meditation walk or campfire storytelling 10pm silence

Sunday as Saturday with maybe a Dartmoor walk or seaside/river trip after lunch

7.00 meditation and Celtic Morning Prayer or similar
8.00 breakfast
9.00 – 10.15 session, then break
11.30 closing circle
12.00 lunch, closing worship and departure

Please read Terms & Conditions