2021 Summer Classes at Viveka Gardens

There’s a new live class here at Viveka Gardens over the summer for up to 9 students
Starts Thursday 22nd July 6 – 8.00 (including soup time)
£48 for four classes including vegan souper soulfood soup in the six week period to 26th August
You can do all six, of course, pro rata, but I have to set a minimum of four to make it worthwhile
In studio or outside as weather sees fit. Lots of fresh air in either case.
Classic hatha with pranayama, sun salutation, asana and final relaxation.
‘I LOVE the real life sessions to get my exercise, get my relaxation, and get to chat with the others! Plus your soup is always lush and the family can do their own supper!’ H, South Zeal
Please complete a new student form if you are new, otherwise be in touch and pay as usual. Fx
Fiona is a long established yoga teacher see https://vivekagardens.com/some-nice-comments/ for the gist