yoga and detox: a balanced approach

The May Yoga & Detoxification Retreat with Ellen and Fiona is uniquely integrated, balanced and whole. With our particular blend of deeply knowledgeable naturopathic nutrition and long-experienced holding of yoga space, you can detoxify safely avoiding strong side effects. You’ll be refreshed, informed and inspired. What is different about our approach?


Detoxifying takes a lot of energy! So apart from rest, on this retreat we will nourish your​ detoxifying organs with a light diet that includes short grain brown rice, ​salads and steamed vegetables, pulses, powerful herbs and spices, all organic and some sourced direct from the kitchen garden here. This gentle regime is fibre-rich to aid bowel elimination and includes the essential fatty acids so important to health.

A daily juice to target different organs boosts detoxification and is varied for individual needs, also giving you ideas for different health goals going forward. We’ll add mineral-rich nettles and cleavers together with bitter dandelion and plaintain, natures tonics foraged here on the land at Viveka Gardens.

Fermented foods will add healthy bacteria to the gut and to increase energy for the detox process and all wheat, dairy and unhealthy fat is cut out. You’ll have a go at castor-oil packing, a technique you can replicate at home to support the liver, and make a sauerkraut to take away. Plus, with your pre-retreat nutrition and health questionnaire, combined with a personal 1-1 consultation with Ellen, we’ll tweak options that suit your personal constitution.


Massage of the internal organs is a significant but often overlooked benefit of yoga. With folding, twisting and moves unique to yoga, deeply hidden tissues and organs, such as the thyroid gland, gall bladder and insulin producing tissues (to name a few) are squeezed and flushed with new blood to aid elimination. On this retreat there’s a morning hatha class to move the blood and stretch the muscles – toxins can accumulate in muscles and create stiffness – and bring relaxation. Afternoon Yin yoga puts deeper tissues such as fascia and ligaments under light traction. With its gently held longer poses Yin gives an opportunity to recognise, sit with and release more deeply held stuff.

With breathing exercises and breath awareness we’ll not only tone the lungs (another major organ of elimination) but tone the vagus nerve, key to healthy viscera and reduction of inflammation the whole body over. Techniques you can take away with you.

Yoga nidra, a guided lying down meditation technique, is deeply restful and releases the buildup of psycho-emotional tension. Nidra also facilitates personal insight, resolution and next steps. Fiona links the process to the season, tuning to our nature within and nature without and you’ll be grounded in the peace at Viveka Gardens.

Better out than in

Stuff comes up. Just going on retreat on a subconscious level allows the body-psyche to let go. It is not unknown for people to burst into tears on arrival; tears are also a great means of excretion!  We both have long experience in listening and supporting a process. Know that the retreat is safe and held.

Detox habits are for life, not just for a long weekend

Along with talks and activities from Ellen to inspire you to a more constant detox frame of mind, you can take advantage of a 1-1 life & spiritual coaching session with Fiona to help you identify next steps on all levels. Whether it’s nutrition or coaching, we can carry on a 1-1 relationship with you via online sessions.


Ellen McCallum – The Naturopathic Nutritionist

Fiona Law – owner and yoga space holder