viveka gardens visioning – workshop update

viveka gardens visioning – workshop update

Summer solstice, 21st June 2015. We had the first mini-workshop to work on the vision for Viveka Gardens in the Victorian Walled Garden at Tolhurst Farm. Umesh, Stephan, Unni and Vibha joined me and it was a super conversation, with a lot of enthusiasm for the yoga farm vision, out of which these pointers came:


  • setting up an interest group forum
  • running a camp to get a lot of work done and generate willing workers
  • discussion: business vs lifestyle
  • collaboration with partners – like-minded businesses
  • a farm shop and cafe/deli
  • linking with public health
  • trade link with Indian organic spice growers
  • possible venue for next visioning meeting, Darsham Country Centre
  • suggestion to specialise in unusual crops such as stridillo, Mexican tree spinach; run unusual crops workshops
  • eco diy as a source of knowledge for energy solutions and the Ancient Technology Centre for ways of building
  • thoughts about marketing

2015-06-21 20.23.01 (2)Umesh and Unni run Lalita’s Kitchen , serving yummy Indian food, and all are key people with Madras Cafe, raising  money for Action Village India which supports disability rights, education for girls and organic farming and more. The Madras Cafe has long links with WOMAD, and we’ll all be there 24 – 26 July. Come by and say hello!

Tolhurst is a stock-free organic farm (no animal products are used in cultivation) on the Hardwick Estate near Pangbourne (Reading). It’s a beautiful location, right next to ancient meadows on the Thames, on the edge of Chiltern hills. Thanks to Tolly and the team at Tolhurst Organics for supporting with venue, event…and strawberries.

Please watch this website or subscribe to the newsletter for info on next workshop, in London in October – details to be confirmed. Also, like the facebook page Viveka Gardens – yoga farm.