student reviews: online classes

I’m so pleased with students rising to the challenge of going online for yoga classes, and really happy that it’s proving such a positive experience. Here are student reviews of online classes.


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“I’m not a very techy person so Fiona’s suggestion of yoga via Zoom online made me wonder if I could deal with the tech set-up…but it was so easy, couldn’t believe it when, after following a handful of links, I’d done it! And how glad am I that I did? When everything else is shutting down round about, there’s still something healthy, engaging and fun to look forward to on Monday nights! It works really well, try it!” Susie, Bondleigh

“Many thanks for the online session last night. I don’t how you kept your eyes on all of us, it was great. To me it was not “mechanical” and really felt like you were in the room with me. I also felt the presence of the others” Adrian, Lapford

“The online sessions work really well. Yes there’s a difference but Fiona is so focussed it seems like a one-to-one sometimes. It’s kind of intimate to be at home at the same time as other participants.” NJ, Chagford

“I just wanted to say thank you for the class last night. I had been nervous about how it would work but it was fine and actually rather nice being in my home environment. I’ve struggled with PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks and as you can imagine, like many others, these times are mentally particularly challenging. While not being a natural, I am really enjoying the benefits of yoga, physically and mentally so thank you” Chloe, Weeke (Beginners’ course)

“It’s really easy to get on to Zoom and the sound and vision is great. I need to sort out my space a bit but I’m looking forward to this and will probably do more classes now I don’t have to drive at night” Andy, South Tawton

“I had my first online yoga session with Fiona today and the technology did not fail me! It was a revelation to be able to have a live yoga session in my own home, with Fiona making comments on postures etc as if she were in the same room with me and the other participants. While they might take a bit of getting used to, I think the online lessons will be good as they’ll mean I’m not restricted by geography and can log into a different session if I can’t make my normal one on Tuesday morning. I think they’ll really help in the difficult months ahead. As I’m not very good at practising yoga alone, without the online classes I would probably just drift into giving up completely. Thanks Fiona!” Emma, Coldridge

“Thanks Fiona. It was good. I hope to do more than just Friday.” Juliet, Bridford

“Yesterday evening I had my first Online Yoga Class ever with my teacher Fiona Law (@vivekagardens, Devon). I am really positive after this first class and I will continue as long we have to practice social distancing. How amazing to have one of your favorite teachers online in your home. I got that trust-feeling by listening to Fiona’s lovely calm voice and instructions. It will never be the same as being in the same space with my teacher and there are some technical challenges (like I lost the final relaxation in the class do to no more battery ?)- but a good alternative these days and there might be a chance that I can increase my technical skills these days ?. Thank you Fiona for making this possible and being so proactive ??” Marie, Jacobstowe

“Great online class tonight. Felt very similar to being at the weekly class in person. Thanks.” Simon, South Tawton

“I had a wonderful class today with Fiona – it was so nice to do a class and be in the warmth, comfort and safety of our own homes..but still be together doing our practise….thank you for arranging this Fiona…x” Emma Brown, Senior Yoga Teacher, Dalston

“Keeping up my yoga practice in these times is so helpful and the fact that Fiona could see us all and offer gentle correction made the class (almost!) as good as face to face.” Dawn, London

“Beautifully led yoga class. It works amazingly well. I now feel I should do another class right away.” Paula, Hatherleigh

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