Pop Up Intermediate Workshops: Asanas and the Subtle Body (pranamaya kosha)

MONDAY 12th & 19th MARCH 7.30 – 9pm

We know the physical & mental/emotional benefits of yoga, but how does yoga work at the level of the subtle body?

With pranayama and longer holding of postures we’ll tune into nadis, chakras and the flow of prana. Prana is the vital energy, the universal life force within your system. Yoga practices develop, distribute and store prana, lending health, vitality and joy. We’ll practice the Sivananda traditional hatha yoga sequence, a systematic massage of the chakras and draw on the classic text, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

This workshop is for people with experience of yoga and yoga teachers.

Week 1: asana focus with basic pranayama (anuloma viloma and kappalabhati)
Week 2: pranayama focus with sitting postures and meditation

Ockment Centre, North St OKEHAMPTON EX20 1AR free parking in Waitrose at that time

£20 for both sessions (£12 separately) – please book in advance BOOK HERE

Fiona has 17 years’ experience teaching yoga in the Sivananda tradition and is a Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals