pollination station

pollination station

Honey bees and bumblers were gulping down nectar at Victoria (plum) central today. Hover flies and plain black flies were also hanging around. We have three trees close together and crops are always sensational. Victoria plums are self-fertile but, as most top fruit, they crop more when there’s additional pollination from another plant.

Even when pollination has happened – anthers all withered, the stigma swollen, and the petals fallen away; even when the ovule is fertilised and the fruit is set on a path to form…the blessed plum tree still has an abundance of nectar left for the bees.

The plum tree works so hard so needs feeding: regular mulch of homemade compost, wood ashes, comfrey tea on its roots and, once it’s in full leaf, regular foliar feeds of diluted seaweed extract.

Now it’s finger’s crossed for enough rain…


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