This week I attended the Oxford Real Farming Conference again. This is a super inspiring two-day event. Yoga and food growing have long been my twin passions, and so the light bulb moment YOGA FARM! The conference is a chance to meet up with many from the London growing scene, food policy initiatives and farms where I have contributed and so feel connected growing-wise.

The first conference in 2010 was conceived as an antidote to the traditional Oxford Farming Conference, more about agribusiness than land connection, more about units of production than animal well-being and so on. Globally, small scale farmers feed 80%, a hidden fact in our culture. At the ORFC there is a wonderful range of small scale farmers doing innovative and wholesome farming, brimming with ideals and putting them into practice. A LOT of prana in the Oxford Town Hall where it’s held.

The ORFC looks ahead with a dream of an ‘Agrarian Renaissance to restore agriculture and all that goes with it to its proper place at the heart of econmomy’. As Colin Tudge, the founder says, ‘the thing that matters most for humankind is low on the global agenda’.

A session called ‘Changing the Productionist Narrative’ – intellectual-sounding, I know, got me excited about how innovative farmers can and must tell their stories, ‘we are all activisits’ and putting forward the vision for VG farming: watch this space. Agrofroestry gave me some info towards my aims for the big field, and a Field Labs session knowledge to design trials for what we will do. Then there is all the chat and a bubbling twitter stream telling what is alive in other sessions…#ORFC. I am bubbling over myself and now looking to connect with Devon innovative farmers.