one to ones and small groups

If you are just starting yoga, private tuition will give you the best start you can possibly have… and if you are a long term practitioner this approach will give you fresh inspiration and insight into your practice. For older, stiff or recuperating people very gentle, possibly chair-based, exercises bring fresh flexibility and vitality.

Fiona is an experienced teacher – read her bio here – and scroll down for some nice comments

Private tuition is useful if:

  • you have previous injuries or specific health concerns
  • you want to develop certain areas of your practice
  • you have a specific goal, such as increased flexibility or gently building bone/muscle strength
  • you feel inhibited in a public class
  • your schedule prevents you from going to group classes

call Fiona to discuss your needs on 01837 880050 or email via the contact page

1-1 tuition is an ideal way to develop your yoga practice. In this environment your specific health and development requirements can be met, and personal feedback given. The practice is done in a friendly, straightforward and warm environment allowing you to relax and fully experience the benefits of yoga practices.  Certain sessions can by done by skype/facetime/facebook video messenger.

A lot can be achieved in 60 minutes and 90 minutes allows for full relaxation. A short course of three sessions is ideal. Small groups (2 – 4 people) benefit too – couples, families, friends, colleagues – and mixed ages and abilities are more than do-able.

For beginners

  • Feel confident with fundamental techniques such as the yogic breath
  • Learn the basic postures and their benefits on physical, mental and subtle levels
  • Begin to understand the wider context of yoga

For more experienced people

  • Develop pranayama and practice advanced breathing exercises
  • Extend yourself with more challenging postures
  • Get tips and techniques for a more mindful practice

For less mobile, stiff or recuperating people

  • adapted chair-based practice
  • very gentle movements to bring back flexibility
  • increased vitality and feeling at home again in the body

My one to one classes with Fiona were excellent. I had neglected my yoga for a few years and needed to find my way back into a regular practice. Fiona’s gentle and intuitive understanding during my class, was an extremely positive experience. When my life has calmed down after these busy summer months, I will be rebooking my one to one class.  She is a very fine teacher indeed. Sue, Bondleigh

After my first Yoga session with Fiona I spent the rest of the day in a very relaxed and contented state of mind. The following day I experienced a surge of energy and vitality accompanied by a positive and clear mental state. My sensory perceptions seemed heightened, colours, sounds, taste appeared enhanced. Amazing. Glenn, Torridge

Private tuition sessions are also ideal for developing aspects of the four paths of yoga too:

Meditation (ideally a mini-course of 3 sessions)
It is well-evidenced that regular meditation leads to increased well-being and effectiveness in the world. It’s a training that leads to spiritual development. A 1-1 or small group allows for personal mentoring.

Yoga chanting (read a description of a past workshop)
Chanting brings all heart-opening benefits. Learn classic chants and mantras to tune to a good vibration.

How to develop your yoga practice? How to integrate yoga into your routine? Fiona Sundari has a coaching diploma and is upgrading her qualification to offer wholistic support.

Yoga Nidra
deep relaxation and connection

I had my first one to one yoga nidra class with Fiona. I did not know what to expect, I had not done any yoga before. It was awesome the emotional releases I experienced and for nearly a week after working through blocks I have had all my life. Thank you so much. L, Spreyton

As elderly newcomers  to Yoga we had 3 – 90 minute sessions with Fiona. On each visit we became quickly relaxed learning to use muscles we had forgotten existed. The whole experience was in enjoyable surroundings and we felt calm and refreshed by the visits. Fiona is a kind and understanding teacher with whom we look forward to continuing our exploration of Yoga. S & G, Coldridge

Yoga has always been on my wish list and discovering that Viveka Gardens and Fiona are just 5 minutes away from me, I decided to take the plunge. As a complete novice I felt that the one to one sessions that Fiona offers would be the best introduction and I was not disappointed. Fiona is an extremely warm and welcoming person, with a sense of humour too. She is so patient and knowledgeable, I very quickly felt at ease and comfortable at the sessions. I would most certainly recommend the one to one approach with Fiona, I came away from the first session feeling extremely relaxed and very uplifted with a sense that there was much more of this wonderful feeling to be experienced. I hope to continue within a group session when I have finished my one to one sessions. Nicola, Bow

Please contact Fiona Sundari if you are interested in private yoga classes for you, you and your partner or with small group of friends.


“My one to one classes with Fiona were excellent. I had neglected my yoga for a few years and needed to find my way back into a regular practice. Her gentle and intuitive understanding during my class, was an extremely positive experience. She is a very fine teacher indeed.” Sue, Bondleigh


(3 sessions) 1 person 2- 4 people
60 minutes  £35 (£95) £40 (£110)
90 minutes  £45 (£120) £50 (£135)

please contact if you are on benefit

Terms & Conditions
payable in advance
three sessions to be completed within 2 months
24hrs notice of cancellation
2 rearrangements within 3 sessions (ideally none)


Private tuition can be carried out at Viveka Gardens or at your home.
All you need is a quiet, warm (and preferably uncluttered) room and 60 or 90 minutes of commitment.
Invite up to 3 to join you (max 4 per group)

Also available: VOUCHERS printed on embossed card, blank inside for your message, supplied with envelope. Contact to arrange.