October 20 Yoga Nidra Day Retreat: Autumn leaves


A warm welcome to the Autumn leaves Day Retreat 

As the season changes to Autumn we acknowledge the changes of season in our lives, fruits and the dark harvest of what didn’t happen, and look ahead to a time of introspection. How would we like these darker months to bear fruit?

Yoga in tranquil Devon
The peace of rural mid Devon at this change of the season is the setting for relaxing and letting go so that new insight and inspiration flow. As well as yoga practices we’ll be imbibing nature’s autumn glory.

Mixed ability yoga
This is a retreat for anyone, including those new to yoga. In this day retreat being ‘able’ is more about the willingness to go within and use the breath than trained physical strength or flexibility.More experienced practitioners will have a chance to explore nidra more deeply.

Yogic diet
A yogic diet uplifts and gives energy. We eat fresh, wholesome, seasonal, delicious vegan food made with mainly local organic veg and organic ingredients. Recipes for prana and read more about the veganyogi diet.

Extend your stay – bespoke yoga retreat
If you’d like to make your trip to Viveka Gardens longer contact us for B&B rates, bespoke yoga or coaching sessions

Retreat information, rules and Ts & Cs
Viveka Gardens: a retreat place where community and visitors can ground themselves through yoga practices growing and nature connection, and so connect with their true self to embody peace and unity

The purpose of a retreat is to leave behind mundane matters to go within and find inspiration. At Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm we facilitate a space for this. Please continue reading retreat information, rules and Ts & Cs

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Investment: £50 This day retreat includes a yoga class with yoga nidra, a workshop with second longer nidra, karma yoga, a delicious vegan lunch, tea and a snack. Viveka Gardens is keen to make yoga available to all so bursaries are available for those on benefit. Please contact to discuss.

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Saturday October 20th

10.15 arrival

10.30 Yoga class with yoga nidra

12.30 lunch

2.00 walk on the land here and harvesting: tap into mother earth and the slowing of the season

3.30 Yoga nidra workshop and second nidra

5.00 tea & snack