nettle power

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Nettles surge up with the full shakti of spring and they are known as a tonic because of all the minerals, in particular, they contain: iron, calcium and magnesium.  Just what is needed after a peaky winter when greens from the garden are only catching up through the hungry gap. They’re fantastic in the garden compost (without roots) or making a fertiliser tea, and butterflies and ladybirds love them.

Tune into its subtle energy and there’s a plant with a heart. It’s heart-shaped leaves, also reminiscent of wings  with its serrated leaf edge, suggest uplift on a pranic level too. See how the wings fold once the tops have been picked.

Share the nettle’s energy with a cold infusion (steep stems and leaves in water), a hot infusion (pour just off the boil water onto the leaves) or a soup. Ask first and say thank you.

Internet recipes will say add onion, but that will mask the flavour, and then add cream, but it’s creamy enough with some oil emulsified in the blending. To get away from solanaceae (nightshades) avoid the usual potato and use rice instead.

20160519_181141Ingredients for 2

  • a small bag of nettle tops the first 3 pairs of opposite leaves or so. Obviously don’t collect from a busy roadside or where they might have been fouled. Obviously use gloves and have long sleeves otherwise you won’t enjoy this. I happened to harvest 66g…
  • a handful of organic basmati white rice I happened to take a handful of 66g, nothing witchy about this plant…
  • tablespoon of organic rape seed oil could use olive but the flavour might cloud the subtle nettle
  • salt and ground black pepper tempting to add lots of salt but this will obscure the energy of the plant


  1. don’t bother rinsing the leaves as you will have collected from a clean area you may want to go over and gently coax out any aphids or brouty beech leaf bud casings which are everywhere these days in Devon
  2. put them in a pan and add the rice rinse the rice if you must but what a drag…normally I would
  3. boil the kettle and add two mugs full of boiling water to the pan this releases and earthy green smell – quel surprise – but don’t miss it
  4. add the oil
  5. bring to the boil for a couple of minutes and then allow to simmer for another 15
  6. blend with a hand blender and season lightly
  7. serve with a swirl of oil on top