Navaratri puja

Puja is an opportunity to offer ourself to qualities we with to connect with. Navaratri is the nine-day festival of the Divine Mother:

Durga – mother, protection, spiritual upbringing and strength

Lakshmi – natural beauty, spirtual wealth, grace

Saraswati – artistic endeavour, higher knowledge, intuition

The sessions include meditation, chanting and reading. The practice of puja is on the path of Bhakti yoga, or devotion.

All at 6pm FREE RSVP

21 September: Durga (followed by class at 7pm)

25th September: Lakshmi

28 Sept: Saraswati (followed by class at 7pm)

30 Sept: Vijaya Dashami – Victory of the Divine Mother – you can stay on after the Yoga Nidra retreat day