Learn to Scythe


Viveka Gardens has grassland to manage, in the orchard, around the trees of the newly planted woodland, field margins, ditches and even the ‘lawn’! Scything is a wonderful way to manage all this!

Do you have grassland, verges, ditches, meadows, lawns in conversion to meadow, field edges? A scythe is a brilliant way to manage almost anything you would tackle with a strimmer or mower. Much easier to handle, no noise, no fumes, no pollution…and you can hear the swish of your blade and the birds. I have struggled with strimmers and have now become a scythe evangelist, enjoying morning meditation with a swinging motion!

Andi Rickards is not only female champion but also 2019 overall Champion after the Green Scythe Fair. And she is super nice, so join us for this lovely day of skills learning, with delicious vegan lunch and beverages. Andi will have a scythes, whetstones, and tools so you can get a made to measure starter kit, typically costing £120 or so. So get skilled up and fitted out for under £200. You will never look back!

Course content:
Introduction to the scythe: History, anatomy, the different types available and their uses.
Selection and set-up: Choosing the right tool for the job.
Fitting the scythe to you to minimise the risk of pain and strain and maximise efficiency
Safety Considerations: Keeping yourself and others safe at work
Mowing techniques: Coping with differing terrains and vegetation
Maintenance and sharpening: Looking after your scythe, mastering honing and a chance to try peening.

Cost £75 for the day; message or mail me fiona.law@hotmail.co.uk
9.45 for 10am start
Overnight accomodation available if travelling from far