intermediate/advanced yoga workshops


16th February Balance Bonanza

All kinds of balancing poses. Read this blog on the Benefits of Balancing

This series of workshops creates a space to go deeper with longer holding, different variations and aspects of yoga philosophy. A suggested minimum of strength and flexibility is to be able to comfortably hold a tall shoulder stand for two minutes. It’s advised that you have been recently attending a regular (say, weekly) class for six months and/or have a personal practice.

The classes are at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm – contact page

Each class is themed with a particular physical focus and verse(s) from the classical text, Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Each class will provide a fully rounded practice in true Sivananda style. Fiona, the teacher, is a long-experienced yogini and taught the advanced class at the Sivananda Centre in London.

Monthly: Saturdays 3 – 5pm
£12 drop in RSVP appreciated
regular students with 6-class card, one class*

Stay for Satsang at Six

30 minutes’ group meditation, chanting and readings; vegan soup and conversation FREE