Information for Karma Yogis & Wwoofers

Information for karma yogis/wwoofers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm. The purpose of a retreat place is to leave behind mundane matters to go within and find inspiration. Through your efforts on the land and in the inside spaces you can contribute to the higher and more peaceful vibration that facilitates this for all who come here, including yourself. If you are new to ashram-style life there may be some aspects that give the opportunity to go with the flow. Please read the following notes; there is an application form at the end.

Karma Yoga is one of the four paths of yoga. You can approach your time here in a spirit of simple work exchange, and possibly in addition. of karma yoga. Please read this blog that describes what karma yoga is, and reflect if this makes sense and is of interest to you. Tasks include gardening and other work on the land, cleaning and cooking. If you have admin, marketing or other skills you are happy to share, that is also appreciated. You will be supported and trained but it’s important that you are a self-starter, and especially, finisher.

Volunteer agreement

You offer

  • 5 days of 5-6 hours’ effort a week

We offer:

  • ad hoc training in horticulture according to the tasks in hand of the season
  • a safe, warm and inclusive environment for relaxation, learning and sharing
  • an opportunity to develop yoga practices and live an ashram-style life
  • accommodation and food
  • experienced coaching and mentoring
  • a rural location away from it all
  • simple living, high thinking Swami Sivananda

The daily routine includes yoga and meditation, self-directed during quiet times, and led during retreats or when guests are here. You are encouraged to do your practice, whatever that may be, and/or join Fiona. After a communal meal, evenings are generally a quiet time for reading/reflection/journaling/practice/playing music. There is a good range of books on food, natural history, yoga and general spirituality.

A start and end date to your stay are agreed, with the first week as a trial period for both sides. The agreement can be reviewed prior to proposed end date.

A framework for your time here can be set with coaching goals. My experience wwoofing often was that hosts just wanted me to do the weeding. However, I was in learning and growing mode as I was between stages. At Viveka Gardens we would like to support you in your time out from mainstream. Goals could be about learning to grow food, personal/spiritual goals or whatever is pertinent and you wish to share. Sankalpa Coaching.

We follow a vegan yogi diet, always tasty, nutritious and filling, we hope. There are gluten-free options where at all possible (let us know in advance). We eat communally.We have lots of lovely herb and spice teas and barleycup for you but black tea and coffee are not available. If you use caffeine, it is a good idea to cut down or better cut it out a week or so before the coming here or you will most likely develop a withdrawal headache.  The nearest place is 4 miles away and not 24/7.

Wifi is slow in this rural area so you are encouraged to make a virtue of it and enjoy a digital detox. Similarly, phone signal is poor. You can of course give the landline number to partner/family for use in case of emergency.


You’ll have a comfortable bed in one of the guest spaces, maybe sharing with other people of the same sex. There is good hot water and cosy woodburners. If you are used to central heating you may need to adapt in winter.

The two barns are heated by woodburners. You will be shown how to light and maintain them. It is up to all take responsibility for safe use.

Drainage is via a septic tank which relies on natural organisms to break down effluent so you are invited to bring organic, biodegradable toiletries. Ideally these are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products. There is Faith in Nature Shampoo and Dr Bronner soap for you to use. Bins are provided for tampons, towels, wipes etc.

You are encouraged to do yoga asanas and meditation or be mindful when others are practising that your activities are peaceful, even if you are somewhere else on the property.


If coming flying to the UK it could be an idea to check out flights to Bristol or Exeter. From Gatwick or Heathrow you can get easy connections to central London Victoria for a coach to Exeter, or Paddington/Waterloo train stations to Exeter. From Bristol there you can take a coach to Exeter. From Exeter you can take a small train to Morchard Road, or buses to either North Tawton or Morchard Road (a stop called the Devonshire Dumpling). We will do our best to pick you up and drop you off on arrival/departure.

This retreat place is a little remote in a traditional farming area – perfect for a retreat place! A 30 minute walk will take you to a bus stop and from there you can go to Exeter, the cathedral town for Devon, the nearest market towns of Okehampton or Crediton, or towards the seaside town of Barnstaple on the north coast. There are nice walks and nearest villages with shops are about 4 miles away. I go out at least 3 days a week to teach classes or do life coaching, and other days usually, so I can give you a lift too. Two of these places are within Dartmoor National Park, 15 minutes away by car, which is world known for its wild and wonderful landscape.

What to bring

  • Warm and waterproof clothes for outside
  • Good working boots and probably wellington boots too (there are some spare wellies here to borrow)
  • Gardening gloves if you have them
  • Yoga mat if you have one/are a yogi
  • Meditation cushion if you have one/are a yogi
  • Blanket and/or meditation shawl
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Slippers, warm socks
  • Towel
  • Ideally bio-degradable, organic wash products (to not harm septic tank flora), not containing animal products nor tested on animals – there are toiletries for use

What not to bring: pets, loud music, aggressive/violent/sexual books/music/downloads, fur or other animal products. We accept wool, silk and leather shoes are hard to avoid; see also house rules below.


We supply Kingfisher toothpaste, soap, Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner, Dr Bronner soap for you to use if you like to preserve septic tank flora and avoid the vibration of animal testing/products.

House Rules

At Viveka Gardens the aspiration is to lift the vibration of the place and visitors. Therefore, you are asked to:

  1. attend meditation and asana sessions or respect when they are going on
  2. help maintain the peaceful and pure atmosphere of the meditation/altar space and asana studio in particular, also the other inside spaces and the land
  3. use your phone outside or in the hall and be considerate of retreat participants/other volunteers wanting to enjoy the retreat atmosphere
  4. not bring meat, eggs, dairy, fish, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, garlic, onions, caffeine-containing drinks, honey
  5. aim to observe silence overnight from the end of evening meditation (9.30) to end of morning meditation
  6. leave outside shoes and coats on the hall racks
  7. contribute to the daily tasks in the running of the place as well as your volunteer tasks (included time-wise in your weekly hours)
  8. avoid gossip and negative talk

Thank you for reading to the end. If you feel you would like to volunteer please complete this form.