Gentle Yoga

By now most people are familiar with the benefits of yoga, even if they have not been to a class. Increased flexibility and strength, stress reduction, improved sleep and a mindful, more relaxed outlook are some results of a regular class. However, there can be a few physical barriers: just the thought of getting up and down onto the floor, being too stiff in the body, injuries and ongoing conditions such as arthritis, for instance. That’s why a specifically Gentle Class is ideal.

I am a yoga teacher of long experience know ways to adapt yoga for everyone. Above all, yoga practices keep the energy flowing and keep you vital.  My Gentle Classes ensure that each participant is able to derive benefit from the group activity.

90-minute sessions allow for learning techniques that you can take away at home, as well as the experience of peace and relaxation of mind-body-spirit, the essence of yoga. The class includes:

  • breath focus for deeper relaxation and to extend stretch
  • specific yoga breathing practices (pranayama) for cellular oxygenation
  • classic yoga moves to release tightness
  • longer held classic postures for stretch
  • 20-minute relaxation with guided meditation (yoga nidra)

For the class you will need:

  • a yoga mat – a simple, cheap but good enough one can be got for £5 from Tesco, for instance, but if you can invest a bit more that is good
  • a few cushions and great if you also have a firm meditation cushion
  • a blanket or two for rolling up to support your knees and for final lying down relaxation
  • laptop or other device with camera, microphone and speakers
  • stable internet connection though zoom seems to cope fine with lowish capacity

It’s best not to eat for a couple of hours before class, but have some fruit juice perhaps if you have blood sugar issues. It’s usual to feel very chilled and floaty after a class, so have some fruit and a drink handy to ground yourself before you get on with the day.

Welcome! I’m looking forward to working with you, Fiona

Contact me with any questions but otherwise go straight to…


A pre-class consultation (15 minutes) not only gives you a chance to explain your needs, wants and any health conditions, but also helps establish rapport between us. In addition, it is an insurance requirement for online sessions.

Cost £10 drop in, £48 for 6 classes to use within 2 months

See the classes and one-to-ones and small groups pages for information about times and costs