feed the earth

At the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Putney the garden had become a bit tired and congested, with some shrubs not thriving so well or become outsized. The beds had become infested with mind-your-own-business and other weeds, and lavender and rosemary had succumbed to rosemary beetle.  In addition, the soil was heavy and had few earthworms, indicative of little organic matter and soil fauna in general. Time for a clean sweep and some fresh energy.

After a short briefing in the aims of the work and which were weeds, and how to get them out, a team of karma yogis (volunteers) cheerfully set to work clearing the weeds. After a lunch stop for kitcheree, the work resumed, with the light incorporation of a layer of grit and a lovely 7 cm mulch of well-rotted horse manure – fragrance free and full of life. A big tidy up and time for me to assess fresh plants to associate with the retained planting, the brief being ‘flowers for the summer’.

Mulching is a great way to insure your garden against moisture loss this summer, and help see plants through the predicted dry period.

I’ll be working with Sivadas at the centre to show him how to plant and maintain the garden.

Contact us if your garden could do with fresh energy and planting inspiration. A training service is what we offer above and beyond other designers, helping you spend time in your garden and making it your own.

Go to the Yoga centre for a Spring festival this Saturday, with free activities for newbies and experienced hatha yogis alike.

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