Eat like a Yogi: day retreat with cooking workshop 28 Oct

Are you looking to lighten up your diet and move more plant-based? Keen to try new flavours? Curious about protein from dhals and beans? Come and enjoy communal cooking and eat like a yogi!

We will chop and prepare a full meal, fresh chutneys, snacks and deserts, and enjoy the fruits of our labour around the table together. Have a look at the veganyogi page on the VG website for recipes. We’ll cook a full dhal, rice, subji and chutney lunch with pakora, a tasty party dish.

This workshop will explain:

  • basic ayurvedic principles of diet
  • spicing for dhals and other pulses
  • reasons for certain restrictions for people on the yogic path
  • prana, the vital force

Feedback from previous workshops

‘Delicious! These are great recipes I will make at home’ M

‘Your chutney is the best! This will become a staple’ M

‘I’m definitely inspired to go more vegan and vegetarian’ J

‘This was fun and I learned a lot about spicing and cooking consciously’ S

A sattvic or pure and wholesome diet, free from cruelty, lifts energy.

Fiona Law is a long time yogi and yoga teacher, and has cooked in Sivananda yoga centres an ashrams.

Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm is about prana – the vital force – and good food as a source of that.

Booking Form

This day retreat costs £50. Bursaries available for full time students and those on benefit: please contact in advance to arrange.

9.45 arrival for…
10.00 Cooking workshop: make a vegan yogi balanced meal
1.00 lunch of the food we made together
2.15- 3.30 karma yoga – please bring clothes for light outdoor work in the garden
3.45 – 5.00 light yoga class