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A day retreat is a wonderful opportunity to step back from your daily life to find a moment of rest, get in touch with yourself and simply find inner peace. Retreating is a way of taking time out and assessing life decisions, helping to bring clarity to the challenges ahead.

DAY RETREATS are a perfect way to dip out of your routine and focus on your needs. At Viveka Gardens you will have a warm welcome with yoga, yoga nidra, yin yoga, yummy vegan food and nature connection.

A day might not seem like a long time but it only takes a moment for things change in your life. At Viveka Gardens Fiona cultivates in some magical a way a quiet day where these moments of importance and change seem to be pulled out of your heart and gently presented to you. It was a peacefully emotional day, a day which I feel will be very important to me. Also, the food was an unbelievably delicious, healthy vegan feast. Helen, Manchester

The Quiet Day was one of my best experiences in yoga. The whole day was brilliant and went only too quickly. Warm, safe and very welcoming and the food was amazing. I will definitely return. Brie, Melksham

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The Quiet Day at Viveka Gardens provided me with the rest and reflection I really needed. The environment, food and retreat schedule were perfect. The Yoga nidra session and meditative walk were really special. Fiona holds a safe and open space so well. What a lovely day for reflection. Esme, Ashburton

The quiet day has felt so nourishing and gentle. I feel I’ve been held in a beautiful, safe space for the day. This has enabled deeper reflection to allow things to surface and come to light. The surroundings are beautiful, nestled the depths of Devon, with delicious vegan food and wonderful gardens. The unique combination of yoga, vegan food and gardening is just wonderful! I feel deeply rested and nourished after my day here. Thank you so much. Rosie, Dolton

Viveka Gardens provides the perfect sanctuary. It is brimming with the sights and sounds of nature which you can soak up helping in Fiona’s garden or going for a scenic stroll in the woods. I have been truly spoint by the tasty vegan dishes daily which luckily include fresh fruit and veg from her garden!  I wholeheartedly recommend the Quiet Day Retreat. Fiona has a gift for holding asafe, warm and supportive space in which to delve into some inner work. Her yin yoga and yoga nidra practices are beautifully guided and held, and have given me clarity and healing.  Abbi, London

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DAY RETREAT investment £50


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