almond milk

This is the protein-prana-power filled snack that keeps you going on Sivananda Sadhana Intensive from rising at 5, doing some practice, meditation and chanting and going on for the next 2 and a half hours with pranayama before brunch at 10. It’s a classic yoga food and repays ‘eating’ in the mouth as you drink […]

oaty fruit crumble

This is low-hanging fruit: an easy vegan conversion from a traditional British dessert. Use gluten-free oats in a scattered topping and flour not required. No need to miss out on sweetness now. Get ready to cruuummmbllle! Coconut oil is lovely rubbed in with the oats and is especially good with apple when it is spiced up with […]

chana dhal

This is a go to basic dhal made with split yellow peas, readily available and inexpensive – yet soooo delicious! If you leave it til the next day you’ll see it ‘gelatinous’ with protein. Much loved on retreats here, as you can maybe tell from the beautiful smiles. This recipe makes use of the ‘chancing’ […]

karma yoga retreat July 21- 23

On this reduced price karma yoga retreat we will be making jam and gardening. There’ll be one yoga class each day, group meditation and walks as well as working in the kitchen and on the land, so you’ll get to live in community on the yoga farm. Plus you get to take some jam home […]

chard pesto for buckwheat penne

I wanted to do something simple on the Saturday evening of our first weekend retreat here, as there were more fancy protein-packed meals planned for lunches. For the lovely and gluten-free Savitri buckwheat penne looked good. I was thinking something fresh to complement the umami taste of buckwheat, but also a creamy texture for full […]