winter squash

Cucurbits (courgette, pumpkin, squash) can be really satisfying to grow as they have big seeds that you start off indoors in May and produce nice plants pretty quickly.  The fruits are shapely and tasty, and their final curing (sitting in the sun once ripe) encourages a postive transition to autumn, I feel. I’m still getting […]

cosmos psyche white

What’s in a name? Well, how could your mind not be lifted by Cosmos ‘Psyche White’. It’s a light and floaty tall annual, with fine foliage and prolific moon-daisy flowers. It also has a vigourous, iron constitution and is easy to raise. I spare a 1.5m x 2.5m raised bed for cut flowers at my […]


The geometry of stacked timber at the yard is very pleasing. We were sourcing new oak last week for frames in a garden. What a great day out in Sussex, in the great Indian summer of 2011. Or was it ‘borrowed’ from Iberia? The lure of the sea and admiring the construction of the groynes.