winter harvest – radish ‘Black Spanish’

I’m always in awe of the ingenuity of crop breeders down the ages. So many varieties, and several for every season to keep us fed. Cabbages, carrots and lettuce are crops that really see the year round with many seasonal varieties, and radishes, though not a staple, come in that category too. ‘Black Spanish’ is […]

Bandstand Beds – Clapham Common Growing – get involved

Project that has had a lot of fun this year growing in public You might want to join them – read here about the Christmas planning meeting on Thursday 12th December 6.30 – 8.30. It will be in the Old Town at one of the members’ houses for some drinks and nibbles. RSVP for location at […]

Garden, balcony or windowsill: what to do November

Tulips look great in pots and window boxes in April and May, and now is the time to plant them. Put them 15 – 20cm deep, pointy end up, 4 -5cm deep and make sure your container has at least another 10 cm below that. You can put in a layer of. Plant winter pansies […]

September sowing

We’re so lucky – the gorgeous weather looks set to continue through September Nick and Ana at Salon in Brixton Village love the parsnip and sorrel seed heads I’ve been able to supply for vases and I’m also now sowing Honesty with its clear violet or white flowers followed by transparent penny seed heads and […]

August and into September: reflect and plan

August and into September is the perfect time to ponder: – what’s done well this season – what could benefit for a re-think – what are your aims for getting the most out of your garden in 2014 Is it time to get going with fruit and veg? Have the children grown up a bit […]

the power of flowers

Flowers give energy, or prana, as they say in yoga. You don’t have to get metaphysical to understand that flowers encourage relaxation, a smile and connection. Decorating with flowers is what we do to mark the milestones in life and the festivals of the year. We offer their fragile freshness to show love and respect, […]

June and July in the veg garden

Garden, balcony or windowsill: what to do this month Keep sowing! Lettuces, chicory, radicchio are especially good as catch crops between rows of plants that take longer to mature, such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, cavolo nero and cabbages of all sorts, which can also be sown now. Catch crops are quick maturing plants. Heading […]

and so to bed…

As for most aiming to garden and design sustainably, bedding plants – essentially throw away within the season – don’t appeal. The instant colour and geometric planting schemes can seem garish and contrived to modern/minimalist taste, even when done very well and in a historic framework such as at Regents Park Italianate beds. Nonetheless, the […]

Chelsea Fringe 2013: Incredible Edible Lambeth Squash & Bean Swap

As an alternative to the Chelsea Flower Show, the Fringe runs for three weeks 18 May – 9 June. The Squash and Bean swap grows out of an amazing 2012 of community growing for me – involvement in Incredible Edible Lambeth and the design and set up of the Clapham Common Bandstand Beds. Follow the project on […]

garden, balcony or windowsill: what to do December

Sow baby and micro leaves on your windowsill to prettify your plate and add spice to your sandwiches. Look for oriental leaves in online catalogues: mustard greens such as ‘Giant Red’, mizuna and pak choi. Use a shallow layer of sifted compost in a seed tray or fruit punnet. 3-4 cm garnishes in two weeks, […]