18 March Spring Equinox Day Retreat

As the sun passes through the mid-point of its journey south the north we’ll take time to tune into the Spring energy. Ending the time of dormancy and entering a period of full growth, with yoga, yoga nidra and pranayama, we’ll reflect on our own journey through the year and gather inspiration.  It’s the end of the planting season, just before the full surge of spring, and we’ll plant a grove of trees in Viveka Gardens new woodland.

Mixed ability yoga
In this retreat being ‘able’ is more about the willingness to go within than trained physical strength or flexibility; but you will also develop all these aspects.

Yoga and nature connection
As well as yoga practices we’ll take time with gentle walks and there will be the opportunity to either remember or celebrate someone/thing or mark an intention by planting a tree in Viveka Gardens’ new woodland read more

Yogic diet
A yogic diet uplifts and gives energy. We eat fresh, wholesome, seasonal, delicious vegan food made with mainly local organic veg and organic ingredients.

Retreat information, rules and Ts & Cs
Viveka Gardens: a retreat place where community and visitors can ground themselves through yoga practices growing and nature connection, and so connect with their true self to embody peace and unity

The purpose of a retreat is to leave behind mundane matters to go within and find inspiration. At Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm we facilitate a space for this. Please continue reading retreat information, rules and Ts & Cs

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Sunday 18th March
9.45 arrival for 10am – 5.30

offer bring a friend £20


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Sunday 18th March

9.45 arrival for
10.00 – 12.00 gentle yoga class with yoga nidra workshop and practice
12.30 lunch
2.00 –  optional karma yoga tree planting
3.30 hatha yoga class with longer yoga nidra

5.30 light supper if you’d like to stay for
6.00 group meditation, chanting and puja (no fee)