Viveka Gardens

Fiona Law (Sundari)
is the yoga teacher and grower at Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm, West Leigh, Mid Devon EX17 6BL
07914 843619
01837 880050

Viveka Gardens Yoga Farm a retreat place where community and visitors can ground themselves through yoga practices, food growing and nature connection, and so connect with their true self to embody peace and unity


We Offer

day and weekend

Yoga Classes
weekly, local; Gentle, Hatha & Yin

One-to-ones and bespoke group sessions
to start or develop your practice

veganyogi cooking, meditation, intermediate/advanced yoga

Yoga Nidra
a guided lying-down meditation practice for deep relaxation and personal insight

Sankalpa Coaching
support empowering change you want to make in your life

Work exchange
seasonal short stays for volunteers

Meeting venue
day or overnight team review and reflect space for charities, faith groups and social enterprises